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Affordable Marketing Ideas for a New Year

Affordable Marketing Ideas Our Town America

To cope with high supply costs and above-average inflation rates, implement affordable marketing ideas designed to add loyal customers and boost profits. Businesses were hit hard in 2022 as inflation reached record rates, gas prices shot up, and supply costs increased. Labor shortages prompted small businesses to raise wages and offer incentives to retain staff. […]

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The Importance Of Becoming A Disruptor In 2023

Forbes - The Importance of Being a Disruptor

Forbes Technology Council — You’ve most likely heard the following expression: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Think for a minute about how this applies to your small business marketing. Relying on the strategies that have served you in the past is not the way to build […]

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Implement These Six Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends Our Town America 2023

Marketing trends can help steer your company’s strategic direction and enhance the customer experience. Learn more about New Mover Marketing and other latest marketing trends as you start planning for 2023. Economic Trends Impact Marketing Strategy Cooler temperatures and shorter days mean the holiday season has been kicked into high gear. Amazon’s launch of a […]

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How to Reach New Movers In The First Three Months

How to Reach New Movers In The First Three Months - Our Town America in Forbes

Forbes Technology Council — Customers can be very loyal to businesses they’ve been patronizing for a long time. That’s great news if they’re your customers but not if they’re your competitor’s customers. Because it requires more marketing efforts to get people to change their habits, it’s essential to target consumers who are not yet anyone’s […]

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Why Dentists Need a Marketing Plan

Why Dentists Need a Marketing Plan Our Town America

Marketing for dentists is best executed when a multigenerational approach is taken to appeal to the unique needs of people in the local community. Learn how dental practices can use new technology and techniques to retain patients and drive new business. Dentistry Trends Competing with the rising number of dental chains poses a challenge for […]

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Northern Coloradans Can Reach New Customers in a New Way

Northern Coloradans Can Reach New Customers in a New Way | ABC Denver

ABC Denver — Our country’s busiest moving season, summer, matched up with some of the highest inflation numbers in decades. Unfortunately, that made the process of moving for many in the Northern Colorado area tough on the wallet. Our Town America, a national marketing franchise specializing in reaching out to new movers, with an office in […]

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Marketing Ideas for Mechanics

Marketing for Mechanics with Our Town America

Marketing for mechanics does not have to be focused on coupons and discounts to be successful. New technology and techniques can boost profits and help build relationships with customers. The aftermarket auto industry is primed for growth. Poor road conditions, aging cars, and production slowdowns are helping drive the industry, according to Precedence Research. The […]

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