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How to Market to Grow Your Business

Any business that wants to grow has two ways of doing this: 1) by growing your customer base, or 2)by increasing your average sale.

To grow your customer base, you must reach out to new potential customers and engage them in your brand. Today, there are more marketing options than ever before such as digital marketing, email marketing, social media and direct mail.

We all know that digital marketing has exploded, but don’t discount the power of direct mail to introduce your brand to consumers in a very effective manner. Email represents most of the junk mail we receive daily.   Managing email today has become overwhelming, no one has the time or patience to read the plethora of the messages in our inboxes. Nor do we know if the message is secure. Consequently, what do we do? We don’t open and read the message and we mass delete them, without ever reading the content.

Direct mail typically gets at least a glance and has a quicker response time compared to email. 79% of consumers will react immediately when they receive direct mail, as opposed to 45% of consumers who say they’d act on email right away.

Direct Mailing campaigns are a very cost effective means to reach consumers and set yourself apart from your competitors. It allows you to target a specific group of people and select the demographics of your customer base. A mailing campaign is easy to launch and can be implemented quickly as well.

Direct mail is personally delivered to household mailboxes daily and is a familiar, secure and a safe means of communicating your brand to the households. A USPS study shows that 98% of people collect their mail daily and 77% will sort through and organize it immediately. This creates interaction with the consumer and your business.   They make an emotional connection and have to engage by opening the piece, reading it, and then deciding to keep it or throw it away. They know the mail is a secure, private message and therefore are more likely to open the message you are delivering.

When creating a direct mail campaign, the best results occur by mailing multiple mailers that mail consistently over a period of time to build brand awareness and familiarity with your company. Have a clear, concise message and consider including an offer or discount for your product or service at a reduced cost. A one-time free gift is even better to help get their foot through your business doors. Personalize the piece with your name and contact information and be sure to include your business address and phone number.

As prospects receive multiple mailings and learn about you and the services you provide, your business will become the first company they think of. You will be setting yourself apart from your competition!

By tracking your direct mail pieces, you will know exactly how many potential customers responded to your mailing. If you mail 2,000 pieces, and 200 prospects redeemed their offer, you know you received a 10% response. Track the amount spent per customer so you can calculate your ROI. Keep track of the names and addresses of the respondents and surprise them by mailing a “Thank You for Your Business” piece.

By selecting specific demographics that match your customer profile you will have more qualified leads. This is also a great way to manage your costs by targeting your mailings to smaller or larger groups of prospects.

Consider personalizing your mailer so you acknowledge the actual customer. Perhaps thank them for their business or invite them to a special sale or event with your company. Be sure to include a call-to-action to induce them to perform a specific act.

Above all, have fun with your mailing campaigns! Send birthday mailings to your prospects, invite them to special events or sales you may be conducting. Create campaigns for holidays outside of the norm, such as Ground Hogs day, Mardi Gras, or April Fool’s Day.

Mail repeatedly with a clean, attractive, professional design and message that reflects your brand. Select your target audience to reach your best prospects and be consistent. You will generate new leads and business!

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