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A Crucial Part of Your Marketing Strategy

When we live in a community for a period, we form loyalties to local businesses. We use the same hair salon, same dry cleaners, same dentist, same auto repair shop, etc. Most married couples only have about 5 or 6 restaurants they go to regularly. And when they visit one of those restaurants, they usually order something off the menu they've ordered many times before. We're creatures of habit.

As a business owner, no matter what type of business you own, you have customers/clients/patients that visit you regularly. They are loyal to you. No matter what marketing your competitors do, your loyal customers will not respond to those ads. They will continue to be loyal to you.

Unfortunately, all of your competitors also have their loyal customers that visit them regularly. No matter what advertising you do, their loyal customers will most likely not respond to your marketing efforts. As previously mentioned, we're creatures of habit and once we've made those loyalties, we are reluctant to change them.

But families that have just moved and are new to the neighborhood are different. These families have not formed those loyalties. They are looking to replace every business they lost in the move. They need to find those businesses, such as a hair salon, dry cleaners, dentist, auto repair shop, and more. They need a new coffee shop, supermarket, family restaurant, tanning salon, doctor, etc. They need new go-to businesses as much as those businesses need them.

The key to why every business should target new movers is this: if new families visit your business before they have become loyal to a competitor, you develop them into a long-term, loyal customer – and that, as every business owner knows, is priceless.

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