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Our Town America Today

Today, Our Town America provides new neighbors with the traditional hospitality of warm gifts from the neighborhood in a premium Welcome Package. The only difference from 1972 to today is that now we introduce over 6 million families a year to thousands of businesses across the country. We carefully prepare our special packages from a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. Personal thoughtfulness and generosity are just as appreciated today as they were 30 years ago. The necessary psychological triggers which prompt our gift package to be opened give our local business sponsors the opportunity they deserve. Plus it gives these families the special attention they need — all wrapped up in the spirit of a hospitable, caring town.
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Our Town America Throughout the Years


45-Year Anniversary Celebrated with a New Look

  • New, modern look to the tried & true Welcome Package
  • New look to the Gift Certificates sent to new movers
  • Topping Franchise Business Review Charts

    • 2017 #1 Advertising & Sales Franchise
    • 2017 #1 in Small Class Category (under 65 units)
    • All-Time Top Company
    • 2016

      • Business Observer Gulf Coast Top 500 Company

      Updated TruTrak Mobile Application

      • Enhanced on-the-spot Scanning


      Demographic Targeting & Budget Billing

      • Target by Neighborhood or Zip Code
      • Target Homes or Apartments
      • Budget and Dynamic Billing


      New Postcard Campaign Options

      • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) – 4 Unique Targeting Options, 5 Size Options
      • Award-worthy Franchisee Satisfaction

        • Franchise Business Review all-time Top Company Award
        • Inducted into the Franchise Business Review 10-year Hall of Fame
        • Surpassed the 50 Unit category breaking into 2015 with 6 new franchises in January 2015
        • 2014 Business Observer’s Gulf Coast Top 500 Company


        Positive Postings™ Security & Tracking Enhancements

        • E-Survey Comments Posted On Your Facebook Wall
        • TruTrak Mobile Application
        • Embedded Security Features


        Printing Services Expanded

        • Die-Cut Postcards
        • Die-Cut Magnet Postcards
        • Full Color Printing


        Customized Web Portal

        • View Live Information
        • E-surveys & Activity on Your Account.

        Market Segmentation Sociological, Demographic, Psychographic & Geographic Sponsor Data Management Target Towards New Businesses.


        Intuitive Marketing™ Mailings

        Intuitive Marketing Program Oversized, Full Color Postcards Designed and Directed to Your Current Customers, Special Moments; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reminders, New Customer Acquisition. The possibilities are endless AND all as easy as a phone call or email away. Like we say here at Our Town America, turnkey!


        Technology Advances Continue

        • MFSA 1st Place Award
        • Loyalty Program – 2nd Tier Mailing After Welcome

        Thank You Program taking you to the next level with a Thank You and inviting new movers back again. MFSA 1st Place National Award for inventive Problem Solving Solutions involving variable data printing solutions.


        National Franchising Launched

        Our Town America launches its national franchising across the country.


        Another Industry Landmark!

        • Detailed Analysis of Response from Movers, Our E-Survey!
        • Our Town America begins moving digital.


        Industry Shaking Improvements!

        • Zip Code Select
        • Exclusivity
        • Gift Magnet
        • Dwelling Selects
        • New mover response information features that our local business sponsors need and that serve the families more effectively AND efficient pricing.

        1984 to 1989

        Alternate distribution methods were tested, from UPS delivery to Solo Mail, to provide local businesses greater distribution and more personalization.


        Our Town America begins welcoming new movers in Newton, Iowa delivering community packages using in-home presentations by Hostesses.

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        New Mover Marketing Solutions

        New mover marketing by Our Town America is innovative, exclusive, turnkey, zip code driven and fully trackable, intuitive and secure with desktop and mobile solutions. Lock out your competition! Avoid wasted coverage and save time. Let us do the work for you.
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