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America's Premier New Mover Marketing Program Since 1972

Choose the Local Advertising and Marketing Partner That's Right for You and Your Business

Our direct mail marketing company has been helping local businesses like yours reach new customers for over 50 years.

Our New Mover Marketing program puts your business in front of people who are likely to buy now and buy again in the future. We’re more than a mailing list. We’re a system built for your success.

We personalize our Welcome Package to appeal to your future customers. It is designed to compel them to look inside. A unique, one-time new mover mailing is a powerful way to introduce new customers to your business — it’s sincere hospitality!

Fill out our form now for a turnkey direct marketing program with proven results and incredible ROI potential.

We can also set up a postcard direct mail campaign for you instead. The options are endless!

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New Movers Unpacking Our Town America

See Why New Movers Are the Best Targets for Your Business

Families who have recently moved are, by definition, new to your area. Many new movers are homeowners with significant income. Because they’re new to the area, they haven’t found their favorite stores, restaurants, salons, auto services, CBD shops, etc. They’ve just moved and they’re exhausted — they’re looking for fast, easy choices to get what they want.

New movers spend more on local products and services in the first six months than established residents. That’s why our expertise in direct mail marketing matters. A mailing list gives you a roster of potential customers, but you have no way of determining whether they’re a good fit for your business. Our proprietary New Mover Marketing program gives you the most accurate database and mailing list in the country.

Free Gifts Start Your Relationship with Your Customers the Right Way

A free gift is literally a present. Everybody loves presents! Presents make us feel grateful and we help you turn that gratitude into long-lasting brand loyalty. People don’t expect free gifts to keep coming forever, but when they do get one, they appreciate the giver more. It’s the Law of Reciprocity!

Our Welcome Package is filled with hand-selected proven offers with response rates that lead the industry. Our local marketing and local advertising has connected millions of new customers to thousands of neighborhood businesses. When you partner with Our Town America, you are choosing a direct marketing company with a winning strategy and a history of huge results.