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Your Direct Communication To:

Postcard Mailing Intuitive Marketing Our Town America

Your Current Customer Base

Perfect for: Special Promotions, New Product/Service Announcements, Off Season Promotions, & other messages you need to reach your customers! 

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Special Moments

Let us be your personal secretary. We’ll send Birthday & Anniversary cards or simple reminders to schedule an appointment!

New Customer Acquisition

We can target your exact customer profile. Just tell us who you want to reach & we’ll mail to them!

Endless Possibilities

And all as easy as a phone call!

Do you have a marketing strategy that periodically targets your current customers? Why not give your customers an incentive to prompt them to your business, especially during those slower times? We specialize in Business Growth AND Customer Retention. Our Town America can provide this service for you.

  • We Design, Produce & Mail a full color, over-sized postcard with your chosen message WHENEVER YOU CHOOSE!
  • We Manage your database, & make sure it’s current and in line with USPS specifications!

Your Potential Customer Base

Specific Demographic Target

Reach residents who are not yet your customers. Target consumers by age, income, presence of children or pets… virtually any specific demographic that makes sense for your business!

Non-personalized Handouts

Perfect for trade shows, special events, or any non-personalized postcards you can hand out yourself!

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Interested in Knowing More?

Sending a message to consumers who have the highest likelihood of becoming your customers makes sense, and Our Town America is on the ever-evolving edge of technology, to assist you in accomplishing your business’s growth goal.
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Additional Options

Intuitive Marketing Postcard with Perforated Gift Card

Our Town America now offers a new option for your Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns!  The perforated card can easily be removed or “punched out” of a postcard sized mailer by your customers. Perforated cards are ideal for frequent buyer cards, ID cards, membership cards, event calendars, insurance cards, healthcare cards, temporary cards, parking passes and more! However you decide to use your card, there is a perfect card for any business because you are able to personally customize them just the way you want.

Intuitive Marketing Postcards Direct Mail Our Town America

Intuitive Marketing Postcard with Die Cut Magnet

Magnets are no doubt the one product that keeps selling long after every other promo or flyer has been tossed away and forgotten. Keep your business in front of your customers every time they go to the fridge! Magnets are a proven, simple and cost-effective way to make your message stick. A must for any business that relies on phone calls. Magnets are ideal for any business that delivers, business cards, event calendars, etc. However you decide to use your magnet, there is a perfect magnet for any business because you are able to personally customize them just the way you want.

Intuitive Marketing Die Cut Magnet Our Town America

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