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A Welcoming New Neighborhood Helps to Alleviate Moving Stress

WMBF News (July 2014) – It's not news that the summer is the most popular time to move, according to a survey by Our Town America. But here are some things that may surprise you: When asked what are the most stressful moments of a move, people worry about how they're going to get the couch through the door and find that they are constantly needing more tape.

More than 70 percent of respondents say the top payment for a friend to help them move is pizza and 54 percent say a six-pack-of-beer. According to the survey, pizza and beer reigns over cash when it comes to moving.

Almost half of respondents say moving is one of the worst favors a friend can ask them. Moving ranks third under lending a friend money and babysitting their child as the worst favors a friend can ask of them.

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Source: WMBFNews.com



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