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Local Businesses Prepare to Slowly Reopen Since the Coronavirus

Spectrum News (May 2020) - Bassam Safi of Our Town America shares how local businesses in North Carolina are preparing to reopen since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Local businesses have been largely impacted by the Coronavirus, and need support now more than ever.

Safi's partnered local businesses continue to take precautions in order to ensure employees and consumers are safe. Triangle Family Dentistry of North Carolina, for example, are "going above and beyond all ADA and CDC guidelines and are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of their employees as well as their patients" according to Safi. Safi encourages consumers to consider shopping at local businesses whenever safe and possible.

Our Town America wants small business owners, as well as consumers, impacted by the Coronavirus to know they aren't in this alone

Watch the full Spectrum News clip below.

Our Town America supports small businesses across the nation 365 days per year. If you're a local business in the Wilmington, Cary, Raleigh, or Durham, NC area looking for a way to reach out to new or current customers, you can reach Bassam Safi at 910-352-5776 or safi.bassam@ourtown.net.

If your business is located outside the Wilmington, Cary, Raleigh, or Durham area, you can reach Our Town America corporate at 1-800-497-8360 to get connected with your local representative.

Source: Spectrum-News-Our-Town-America-Helping-Businesses-Safely-Reopen-after-Coronavirus


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