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How To Choose The Best New Mover Marketing Program

New Mover Marketing Program

When deciding on a marketing plan for your business, you probably assume the usual avenues. Mass-mailed flyers, billboards, online ads, commercials, and print advertisements are typical methods. What most business owners don't consider is the power of a well-crafted new mover marketing program. It is said new movers are nobody's customer. Our goal is to attract new customers to your business and create long term customer relationships. In this article we'll look at some facts to review when choosing a new mover marketing program and why they're important. 

Look to an industry leader in new mover marketing.

Look to an industry leader for new mover marketingOne of the first things to look at is the company's standing. Do they have an established reputation and knowledge of the market? People look to the leaders for any industry in which they are shopping. For example, if you're looking to buy something online, chances are you will check Amazon. The folks at Amazon are experts at what they do. And they have a positive reputation for product selection, service, and fast shipping.

Similarly, this holds true when choosing a new mover marketing program. It's important to choose an industry leader because you want them to know several markets inside and out. Market trends and mover demographics are forever changing and so are the offers you should use to target new movers. You want a leader who strategically plans campaigns for any business type, in any area. 

Sufficient historical data to build the best new mover marketing program available.

the importance of having reliable historical data for your new mover marketing programNext, you want to make sure the company has plenty of historical data at their disposal. It is important to know what works and what doesn't when you market to new movers. Every area is different and you can use that to your advantage! When starting with a new mover marketing program, you probably want to know what kind of results to expect. You don't want to waste your time sending out an offer nobody will use. It also makes little sense to gamble on whether an offer will be successful. 

Previously, we talked about proven offers and why they're important. We believe we can use historical data to predict future activity. For example, we first established proven offers when my dad owned a pizzeria in Newton, Iowa. He discovered an investment of less than a dollar resulted in a family worth hundreds of dollars visiting every year. Even today, offering a free pizza to a family new to the neighborhood is all but guaranteed to create loyal customers. We have nearly five decades of data to work with as we build the best new mover marketing program available. This gives fantastic results for dental marketing, automotive, and hundreds of other industries.

Exclusivity for your business type.

exclusivity for your businessOne important detail that often gets overlooked is exclusivity. The whole point of a new mover marketing program is to introduce new movers to great local businesses in their neighborhood. We believe it is counterproductive for there to be multiple barber shops or dry cleaners in the same mailer. You don't want your competition to have the same exposure or advantage as you. Stick with a program that promises your business type will be the only one.

Reliable team of experts to manage your new mover marketing program.

having a reliable support team can make a huge difference when it comes to new mover marketing!Last, we recommend making sure you have the support to fine-tune your campaign. Having a dedicated team can make a huge difference! It's important to look at response rates, surrounding areas and trends, or entirely different markets. Do you have the time and expertise to do this yourself? Probably not, you've got a business to run!

You don't want to start any new mover marketing campaign without the expectation of making adjustments as you go along. Some ZIP codes may perform better than others. Maybe there is a new neighborhood built that you want to reach as soon as possible. We look at every sponsor business regularly to check performance and cost-effectiveness, and to identify additional opportunities. As a business owner, you're the expert in your industry. While you're focusing on your business, let the new mover marketing experts focus on making your campaign a success.

A winning combination

We know there are many choices for any of your marketing efforts. The importance of getting the most out of your advertising dollar is unquestionable. As an industry leader, we equip our team with over 45 years of historical data and current market expertise. By only partnering with one business in each category we aren't providing options to the new mover, we are making recommendations. All together, we believe this is the winning combination to choosing the best new mover marketing program available.

Contact my team to get your free, no-obligation market analysis today!

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