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Marketing Tips to Reach New Homeowners

Every business owner needs to work hard to keep loyal customers – but, in order to grow, you have to find new ones. Seriously, it’s kind of a rule.

Sure, you can get a lot of mileage out of repeat customers and finding new services or products for your existing base. But eventually, if you’re going to experience serious growth, you have to bring in new people to your business. That’s why New Homeowner Marketing is so important for companies, especially those local businesses that rely on foot traffic from the community. It’s a way of finding potential customers who have just moved to the area. It gives you the chance to meet them before they have settled in and possibly chosen your competitor at random and then decided that’s their favorite place to do business.

Not convinced how important New Homeowner Marketing is yet? Think about the following.


New homeowners haven’t fallen into a routine yet. We are creatures of habit. We tend to wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time. We eat at the same group of restaurants, shop at the same stores and so on. Even the people who think of themselves as not falling into a routine probably are in a routine. Some young adults, for instance, may say, “No, I haven’t fallen into a rut. I go out and have fun every Friday night.” Well, okay, but that’s the definition of a habit! And if you own a nightclub or bar, you want those people to know about you.

It really doesn’t matter if we consider ourselves wild and crazy or boring and stodgy – we crave predictability, and for practical reasons. You’re going to choose one bank, one doctor and one dentist; it’s too much of a hassle and cost inefficient to bounce from different banks, healthcare providers, insurance agents and so on, from year to year. Unless you’re getting terrible or mediocre service, you’re probably going to move into the area, choose who to bank and receive medical care from, and that’s it. You’re locked in – for months or years, and depending on how long you live there, possibly even for life. Even restaurants – you may like to experiment and go to quite a few different places, but if you want good carryout in a hurry, for instance, you’re probably going to soon have your favorites.

New Homeowner Marketing allows you to become that favorite.


But how do you find those new homeowners (and renters)? Well, you’re at the Our Town America website. You’ve probably figured that we’re going to suggest you work with an Our Town America franchise owner in your backyard. Our Town America has been specializing in new homeowner marketing since 1972. We have it down to a science.

We can reach virtually anybody you’re interested in targeting. You want to reach new apartment dwellers? You want to reach new homeowners? You want families who are new to the area? Single family dwelling units? Multi family dwelling units? We can do that, too. We don’t market to everybody – we market to the new homeowners and renters who are amongst your target audience. And we do that with our state-of-the-art, ever evolving, new homeowner marketing technology.


But how do you know you’re actually being successful in reaching the people you want to reach? Good question. At least, that’s what we imagine you’re wondering. Again, it comes back to our state-of-the-art new homeowner marketing technology. When you send personalized welcome packages to potential customers, and they use the gift certificates they’ve been given, we can track that – and not only know that they used them, we can automatically send follow-up direct mailings, so they have more incentive to come back and start creating a habit and pattern of coming to your business. And you can literally track your return on your investment on your smartphone.

But maybe the best thing about new homeowner marketing is that people want to hear from you. They do. People aren’t always excited by conventional direct mailings, but when you’re new to a neighborhood, and you’re wondering what’s out there, those first batches of mail, all mail, can be like getting mail from a friend. When you’re new in town, you want to know what’s out there and what’s worth exploring and trying. New homeowner marketing makes the case that when people are going places, your business is at the top of their list.

Interested in learning more about how Our Town America can help your business create loyal, long-lasting relationships with new movers?   Get started here – https://www.ourtownamerica.com/meet-us/.


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