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What Are Proven Offers and Why Do They Matter?

When talking about new mover marketing programs, we often mention proven offers. But what are proven offers and why do they matter?

We all get coupons in the mail- it's practically a fact of life. We are all familiar with the coupon books and bundles delivered in our mailbox every week. Most of these coupons are for a fixed dollar amount off a purchase, buy one get one free offers, or a percentage off. These coupons are often mixed and it requires effort to go through them all. We know that these types of coupons and mailers carry low response rates. Only a tiny percentage of people will redeem an offer for a free soft drink with a purchase or a dollar off a lunch buffet.

A tiny percentage of people will redeem an offer for a free soft drink with a purchase...

Since 1972, we have worked with hundreds of thousands of businesses to bring new customers through their doors with our new mover welcome package. This welcome package is full of gift certificates that invite the new mover in to various local businesses to try their products and services. While that may sound simple, there is a science behind it. Our goal is to make our new mover marketing program bring you great results, so how do we determine what works and what doesn't? Through our proven offers!

So what are proven offers?

Our proven offers are gifts to new movers which historically have an exceptional response rate, which allows us to accurately determine future response rates. To put it another way, let's look at an example for pizza shops. When we set up a new mover marketing campaign for a local pizzeria, we look at what has worked in the past. We know offering a free large pizza is all but guaranteed to get redeemed over a coupon for 25% off the customer's entire purchase.

proven offers are essential to your campaignImagine for just a moment you have recently moved to a new city. You only know of major pizza chains in the area and you know nothing about any of the locally owned pizza shops. If you're like me, the national chains are fine if that's all there is, but there is nothing like a great locally owned pizza shop. You get a coupon in the mail for 25% off an entire purchase at a national chain and a gift certificate for a free pizza at a local pizzeria. Which one are you going to be quickest to redeem?

If your family has the opportunity for a free pizza at a local pizza shop, no strings attached, do you think you would act upon it? You bet you would! Each redeemed certificate contributes to the data used to calculate our proven offers. The same holds true for other industries too! Which would you make a priority to redeem: $5 off a haircut or a free haircut? $10 off an oil change or a free oil change? You get the picture.

We compare the certificates scanned to the number of mailings that have gone out...

How do we know these certificates get redeemed?

Through our TruTrak® software, each business scans certificates and our database instantly updates to reflect the redemption. We compare the certificates scanned to the number of mailings that have gone out to help determine if an offer is successful. We have over 45 years of historical data on-hand to help us accurately predict the success rate of every new mover marketing campaign. That's data from millions of certificates redeemed at thousands of businesses at our disposal so we know what works and what doesn't. This all plays an important role in how we determine a proven offer.

Besides knowing which gifts are being redeemed, we take it a step further. Each new mover is invited to take part in a new mover survey which gives us unbiased ratings and reviews for the businesses in the welcome package. The data collected from the survey allows us to know exactly what people are saying about the offer they've redeemed and their experience at the business, good and bad. If an offer has a high response rate, but a low customer satisfaction rate we know that there are adjustments to make. We receive thousands of survey results every month and they are all reviewed by real people.

Using proven offers is vital to your new mover marketing campaign and we have nearly half a century of data at our fingertips to make the best recommendations for your business. Contact me today for a free, no-obligation market analysis so we can determine which of our proven offers will make your campaign a success!

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