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Revisit Your Marketing Plan as You Spring Forward

As temperatures rise and flowers start to bloom, Our Town America has some small business marketing tips for your business to implement this spring.

The spring season is a time of renewal. People come out of hibernation after a long, dreary winter to enjoy the sunshine and balmy temperatures. Signs of spring can be seen as people dust off patio furniture and start the process of spring cleaning. Rather than turn on Netflix to chill after a long day, people gather up the family and head out for evening walks. With the prospect of swimsuit season looming, people planning beach vacations or summer pool days dig their sneakers out of the back of the closet and hop back on the exercise bandwagon.

Spring is also a time when people return to the stores. After a busy Christmas buying season, many customers put spending on hiatus during the winter months. Bolstered by longer days and nicer weather, customers open their wallets to prepare for the new season. Customer traffic in the home and garden industry soars in the spring as people tackle home repair projects and turn their yards into showplaces. Sales at lawn and garden stores jump 61% during the week of spring break in mid-March. Clothing retailers see sales grow as people refresh their wardrobes and ditch their sweaters for short sleeves and dresses. Spring is also a time when people celebrate loved ones and mark milestones. Mother’s Day spending was slated to reach a record $28.1 billion in 2021, the National Retail Federation reported.

Spring Clean Your Marketing Strategy

If you took Our Town America’s advice and created a marketing strategy for the new year, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Over the past few months, your campaigns generated data you need to analyze. If your social media efforts did not help build sales, it may be time to reduce the number of posts or eliminate a platform. If a BOGO deal you sent out via direct mail garnered positive redemption rates, consider sending another direct mail deal. 

Here are a few small business marketing tips to help increase foot traffic and boost profits.

Target New Movers. Spring marks the beginning of the moving season. Capturing new residents before they form loyalties with the competition is an advantageous way to add new customers. More than 27 million Americans, or 8.4% of the population in the United States, moved last year. At least 60% of moves take place during the summer months. Weather, kid’s summer vacation, and a slower pace at the office make summer a booming time for moving. Spring is the time when customers are checking out new communities, house hunting, and reserving moving vans. 

Our Town America recommends setting up your new mover marketing campaign before the moving season is in full swing. We have just shy of 50 years of experience helping local businesses attract new customers. As part of our new mover marketing program, we mail recent arrivals a welcome package filled with proven offers shortly after they relocate. 

Local businesses can track their new mover marketing campaign using Our Town America’s mobile app, TruTrak™. The app allows businesses to validate and scan redemptions at the point of sale and can trigger a ‘thank you’ postcard to customers after they redeem their welcome offer.

Celebrate the Season. Tying your marketing message to important events in the spring, such as Daylight Saving Time, International Women’s Day, and Earth Day can help your message stand out and engage your audience. As spring rolls around, tax day also looms. Many Americans are contemplating how to spend their tax refunds. Encourage them to spend their bounty at your business by incorporating a tax theme into your messaging. If your service is deductible, such as healthcare charges, now is the time to let your customers know. 

Focus on Community. Rebirth, positive energy, and growth are hallmarks of the spring season. Now is an ideal time for your business to participate in a charity event or donate to an important cause. In addition, farmers markets and other outdoor community events return to center stage. Put your business in front of customers during this time by becoming an event sponsor or setting up a table. 

Launch a Contest. Spice up your spring marketing efforts by launching a contest to entice customers. Contests are an easy way to generate traffic and buzz about your business. Promote your contest in your local community by sending a direct mail postcard to your target demographic. Every Door Direct Mail® allows you to blanket a zip code with your message or filter your postcard by age, income, or household size. A competitive contest can draw new customers and give your business a leg up on the competition.

Click here to learn more small business marketing tips and how Our Town America’s new mover marketing program and direct mail services can help you expand your loyal customer base this spring.

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