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Technology is a Game Changer for Direct Mail Marketing

Our Town America employs innovative technology designed to appeal to partnered businesses, new movers and franchisees to track advertising sales, drive business and ensure customer satisfaction.

The nation’s leading New Mover Marketing company helps businesses attract new residents with an exclusive Welcome Package upon arrival to their new home. Filled with hand-selected proven offers, the Our Town America Welcome Package is known to produce industry-leading response rates. Nearly 31 million people moved in the United States in 2019, according to United States Census data, and Our Town America has been helping those people adjust to their new surroundings since 1972 by introducing them to area businesses. Of course, this also helps communities flourish, so it's a win for everyone.

While Our Town America is built off of traditional direct mail, the company has evolved with technology over the past five decades. Several mobile apps and tracking tools have been released throughout this time to provide partnered businesses with data and a reliable marketing strategy, new movers with great deals, and franchisees with the resources needed to drive results.

"We were actually the very first New Mover Marketing company to offer trackable marketing and barcodes," said Brittany Johnson, Marketing Executive at Our Town America. "We’re also able to help businesses target specific demographics and we can mail to actual neighborhoods – not just ZIP codes. We've got this down to a science," Johnson says.

Below is a quick overview of each mobile app, but be sure to reach out to an Our Town America representative if you have a question about a capability not mentioned; chances are.. we've got an app for that!

Innovative App for Partnered Businesses
Our Town America’s TruTrak® app allows partnered businesses to track their return on investment, gather detailed demographic data of new customers and trigger the second ‘follow-up’ mailing from their smartphone. TruTrak® instantly updates to reflect redemptions when businesses scan new mover gift certificates. It compares the trackable marketing certificates scanned to the number of mailings sent to determine an offer’s success rate, allowing businesses to see their return on investment in real-time. The app helps businesses form loyal relationships with new customers by providing the option to send a second mailer while the business is still fresh on their mind.

An App to Assist Franchisees in Rolling out the Red Carpet
Our Town America’s franchisees have the option to use the proprietary Sales Companion™ app to assist them in signing up new partnered businesses. It provides a built-in calculator that breaks down the cost of the customer acquisition program. Sales Companion™ also provides a detailed look at return on investment and demonstrates how one loyal customer literally pays for the program trackable marketing annually. In addition, Sales Companion™ gives franchisees the ability to show real-world success stories from businesses who use Our Town America to market their business by allowing them to pull up recent press and news articles on the spot.

Businesses Can Cater to New Customers with this App
Our Town America helps alleviate some of the stress new residents feel when they change residences by offering the option to use their third mobile app, Our Town Deals™, in addition to paper gift certificates (or instead of – depending on the sponsor). Unpacking can be a headache, so having a free pizza delivery at their fingertips provides a welcome relief to a hungry new mover.

“Direct mail isn’t going anywhere, but supplying the option to redeem trackable marketing gift certificates on your phone is a great complement to an already terrific program,” Johnson said.

The mobile app benefits sponsors by giving them the option to push out deal notifications, extending the life of the program by offering ongoing specials for the new mover. The smartphone technology has the option of providing reminders to customers leading up to the expiration of a gift, effectively decreasing the response time and increasing the response rates for our sponsors. The app engages customers by giving them the opportunity to participate in surveys to give sponsors valuable feedback. It also allows sponsors to provide personalized touches down the road to fuel repeat business.

Our Town America created their mobile apps with a goal in mind - make life easier for everybody involved. Whether you're a new mover, a business owner or an Our Town America franchisee, we've got you covered. People are creatures of habit, so Our Town America encourages businesses to reach out to new movers before a competitor snags them first. And, because Our Town America offers category exclusivity to sponsors – meaning only one business of a kind in each Welcome Package, it's important for businesses to claim their category. Automotive shops, dental offices, grocery stores, hair salons/ barbershops, pet care and restaurants are just some of the industries sought out by new residents.

Learn more about how Our Town America can help your business gain new loyal, long-term customers today.

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