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Top Reasons to Choose Home-Based Businesses

Even before the pandemic, home-based businesses were extremely popular. Working from the comfort of your own home provides flexibility and comes without the high price tag of office or retail space.

The pandemic aided in increasing the appeal of this business model. While businesses across the country were forced to shut their doors, those working from home were able to remain open and available to customers.

Many businesses had no choice but to lay off hardworking people who are now among the many searching for new ways to escape the grind and instability of corporate life. Franchising can be a great option for those looking to take control of their future. Most of the time when people think of franchising, they picture a fast-food restaurant or retail store. Each of these options comes with high costs and requires a large staff to be successful. 

Luckily, the franchise industry offers a plethora of options for people on a budget, including business opportunities you can tackle from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Top Reasons to Choose Home-Based Businesses
Here are just a few reasons home-based businesses are here to stay.  

Create Your Own Schedule. Operating a home-based business puts you in the driver’s seat. You are in charge of your schedule and can adjust your schedule to attend dance recitals and baseball games. Being your own boss allows you to create the work-life balance you and your family need to flourish.

Less Risk. Low-cost franchises require a smaller investment. You won’t need to commit to a lease, and many small franchisees do not require you to keep inventory on hand, which helps reduce the risk of your new business venture.

Tax Deductions. Home-based franchises offer valuable tax advantages. If you meet guidelines stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service, you can take numerous home-related deductions and even save money on making home repairs. New business owners should work with a specialist to make sure they are maximizing their deductions.

Job Security. While job security is always sought after, the onset of the pandemic opened many Americans’ eyes to the importance of having control over their own destiny. According to The Commonwealth Fund, at the outset of the recession in April, nearly 18.2 million of the 23.1 million workers who were unemployed were temporarily laid off or furloughed. Nobody wants to lose their job at the blink of an eye -- especially after years of dedication and loyalty to a company. When deciding on what line of work to go into or what type of business to open, the ability to support your family through tough economic times or personal life changes is crucial. For those in search of this type of business, it’d be a disservice to not mention that Our Town America is one of just 100 companies to be rated a 2021 Top Recession-Proof Franchise. Owning your own business provides that opportunity for you. Owning a business that allows you to work from home - without any overhead of rent, an additional mortgage or employees - is even better. 

Our Town America Offers Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity
Once you are up to speed on the advantages of a home-based franchise, it’s time to start the search for an option that ticks all the boxes. Our Town America offers a home-based franchise that plays a vital role in helping businesses in your local community thrive. From your home-based franchise, you can help mom-and-pop businesses build their loyal customer base and increase sales.

Our Town America specializes in new mover marketing by gifting new residents with an exclusive welcome package designed to introduce them to area businesses by providing a proven offer. As an Our Town America franchise owner, you offer our multiple direct mail services to local businesses. Our Clearwater, Florida-based headquarters takes care of all of the printing, list compiling and mailing. Combine your desire to succeed with Our Town America’s proven process to create a winning strategy that offers flexibility, unlimited earnings potential and low risk.

If you are ready to be your own boss from the comfort of your own home, contact Our Town America today to learn more about our franchise opportunities.

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