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Should you Invest in Both?

You know who your favorite customers are, right?

You’re probably thinking of one of them right now... the ones that order the same thing each time they come into your business, or they come in on the same day every week, or even every day of the week! These are the customers you get to know the best, as you build a relationship that extends beyond the transaction.

Have you ever had one of those great regular customers disappear? Suddenly, they stop coming in every Friday and sitting at the same table. What happened to them? Chances are, they moved. You did everything right to keep that customer, but unfortunately, they're a lost customer anyway.

19% percent of the population moves every year. With our society being as mobile as it is, these new movers represent both a potential downside and an upside for you. It is true you can lose great customers due to a move, and will need to replace them to keep from losing business. But, you also have an opportunity to earn a new loyal customer who recently moved into your area and needs your services. That’s where New Mover Marketing comes in.

Turning New Movers Into New Customers

Targeting this small, but very potent, market of new movers, you have an opportunity to get to these people before your competitors do. If you can create an opportunity leading them to your door, you can turn them into a regular customer, right?

In order to find these new movers, it’s important to work with a New Mover Marketing company that allows only one business of each category in their package (one car wash, one pizza place, etc.).  With the market becoming more competitive each year, exclusive rights in your local Welcome Package will give you a key competitive advantage.

Our Town America is the nation’s leading New Mover Direct Mail Marketing company and can bring new movers to you by sending them a Welcome Package filled with FREE housewarming gifts from the local businesses in your area.

While most direct mail programs attempt to get current customers to come back again, current customers usually have pre-established purchasing patterns and don’t necessarily need a coupon or discount to come visit your business.

A marketing strategy with focus

It's important to note that some direct mail programs mail to tens of thousands of homes, and will mail to the same home more than once. Unfortunately, this results in you only being able to offer a watered-down coupon which, over time, can create “coupon-dependent” customers who only come in for discounted offers. Typically, these types of customers are not as loyal.

With Our Town America, you will only be targeting people who have never been through your business doors before, as they just moved to the area.

By mailing to these new customers one time only, you can provide a much more generous gift. When compared to the typical coupon mailed to existing customers, a generous offer mailed to new movers will create a higher rate of response. Treating these valuable new movers like royalty will turn them into regular customers, and will help grow your business for years to come!

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