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Des Moines Volunteer Wins $3,000 from Marketing Franchise | NBC

2023 New Mover Survey Winner Beth Vitiritto, Our Town America Marketing Drawing

NBC Hello Iowa — A local Des Moines woman known for giving back is getting more than she ever expected in return. Beth Vitiritto, who relocated last year, has become quite a familiar face in the Ankeny community. Beth inspires the younger generation in her everyday work as a teacher, serves on the Iowa board, frequently contributes to local causes and volunteers whenever she can. Beth is the kind of person who pours her all into everything she does and deserves the world but would never ask for it. The type of person who, even when faced with cancer, woke up every day with a positive attitude and a smile. So, when Beth’s name was drawn to win $3,000 amongst tens of thousands of people nationwide, it seemed more like Good Karma than luck.  New Mover Welcome Package The drawing Beth entered is the Our Town America Annual New Mover Survey Drawing. She was entered by providing feedback on local businesses who welcomed her into the Des Moines area through Our Town America’s New Mover Package. The package welcomes residents who have just moved into their new neighborhood and introduces them to nearby reputable businesses with free one-time-use housewarming Gift Certificates. Little Ceasars Ankeny, Portofino Italian Ristorante, The Chicken Coop, and ACE Hardware were among the businesses that welcomed Beth to the area. “I used a Gift Certificate right away and took a friend out to lunch!,” Vitiritto said. Beth says that Our Town America’s Welcome Package played a significant role in helping her feel immediately connected and informed about the community. “The support network is incredible,” she says. “From local businesses to community events, everything is designed to help newcomers integrate smoothly and feel at home.” “Our package helps people get settled in, find their way around and get connected with local businesses,” said Tim McGrath, Our Town America of Iowa franchise owner. “In addition to being an aid for new movers, our franchise is a marketing resource for local businesses. We’ve been helping businesses thrive by bringing them new customers for over 50 years,” said McGrath. “It’s a feel-good business that I’m proud to be a part of.” Community Impact Local TV show Hello Iowa hosted Beth, McGrath, and Little Caesars Ankeny store owners Katrina and Brad Loney in-studio to hear this heartwarming story. As expected, Our Town America presented Beth with her $3,000 winnings and, to nobody’s surprise, Beth’s students and friends joined the event to support her. In the spirit of supporting the local community, on behalf of Beth and her late father, former Ankeny Chief of Police for 30 years, Our Town America donated $500 to the Ankeny Police Foundation. Additionally, Katrina and Brad of Little Caesars Ankeny, who are also known locally for their volunteer efforts, donated $500 to the John Stoddard Cancer Center on Beth’s behalf as well. Our Town America and Little Caesars of Ankeny are honored to have had the opportunity to give to someone so deserving. Press play below for the full Hello Iowa interview. Our Town America supports small businesses across the nation 365 days per year. Iowa businesses looking to gain new customers, can contact franchise owner Tim McGrath at (515) 240-6845. Businesses in all other U.S. states can contact Our Town America HQ at (727)345-0811 to be connected with your local representative. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Market Your Small Business to New Residents in Tampa Bay

Market Your Small Business Tampa Bay Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Great Day Live Tampa Bay (CBS) — In the vibrant world of small businesses, the key to sustained growth lies in continually reaching out to new customers. Every year, a percentage of your customer base naturally moves away from your local area, but this doesn’t have to be a setback. New Mover Marketing presents a powerful solution, allowing you to seamlessly replace departing customers with those freshly arriving in your area. By targeting the new mover demographic, not only do you achieve a substantial return on your marketing investment, but you also cultivate a genuine sense of hospitality, far removed from conventional advertising tactics. In the clip below, Michael Avallone, owner of Our Town America of Tampa Bay, delves into the myriad advantages of marketing your small business to new movers. “Welcoming newcomers when they’re yet to establish brand loyalties and ensuring a positive experience can forge a lasting customer relationship for as long as they live in your area,” shares Avallone. Our Town America’s New Mover Program offers a turnkey, comprehensive service encompassing design, printing, postage, and in-house mailing. The campaigns are trackable using 2D barcodes, QR Codes, and/or Call Tracking. With over 50 years of experience, Our Town America has been instrumental in helping businesses secure devoted new customers. Additionally, we provide Postcard Marketing and Digital Marketing programs that can either complement or stand independently from your direct mail campaign. Hit play below to learn more. Tampa Bay area businesses: Call Michael Avallone at 614-378-2977, or submit a Contact Form. Businesses outside Tampa Bay, FL: Contact Our Town America corporate at 1-800-497-8360 to be connected with your local representative, or submit a Contact Form. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Omnichannel Marketing — How To Make It Work For Your Business

Omnichannel Marketing with Our Town America

Forbes Technology Council — As technology continues to transform our world, the concept of marketing is constantly evolving as well. Gone are the days when a newspaper ad or a few TV and radio commercials were enough for a business to see results. Now, every time people scroll Facebook or Twitter, search for something online, or watch a YouTube or TikTok video, they are bombarded by advertisements. For marketers, this explosion of media is a double-edged sword. While there are many more avenues available to get your message to the consumer, there’s also a greater chance that it will be drowned out by all the other noise. To effectively reach potential customers, an omnichannel approach can help. Omnichannel marketing is a comprehensive strategy that aims to create a consistent customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints. Unlike multichannel marketing, which also uses multiple channels to reach consumers, the omnichannel approach ensures the channels are all interconnected. The Benefits Of Omnichannel Marketing Consistent messaging across multiple channels reinforces brand awareness and recall among consumers. When customers encounter a brand on several different platforms, they develop a stronger familiarity and trust in the brand’s values. As a result, they are more likely to recommend the brand to others. This can be very effective in increasing your reach and establishing a positive reputation. The omnichannel approach enables businesses to create a seamless experience for their customers. Customers can begin their journey in one channel and easily move to another without feeling disconnected. For instance, a customer may discover a product on social media, research it on the website and finally make a purchase in-store. With multiple touchpoints, omnichannel marketing allows businesses to interact with their target audience in diverse ways. Customers can choose the channels they prefer, and by having a presence in these channels, brands can foster deeper connections with their audience. Interactive content, personalized messages and targeted advertisements across platforms ensure that the brand remains at the forefront of the customer’s mind, encouraging meaningful engagement. Also, the various digital touchpoints, including social media, websites and mobile apps, allow you to gather data on your customer’s habits and preferences. With this information, you can optimize your marketing strategies by identifying what’s working and what isn’t. Continually refining your marketing efforts will allow you to reach more people and hopefully contribute to a higher ROI. The Challenges Of Omnichannel Marketing While omnichannel marketing may seem simple on the surface, there are many challenges involved with making sure all the moving parts work together so the strategy works effectively. One of the key objectives of omnichannel marketing is to maintain consistency in branding across all channels. However, some businesses make the mistake of presenting varying brand messages, visuals or tones across different platforms. This can confuse customers and dilute brand identity. In today’s digital landscape, mobile devices play a significant role in how customers interact with brands. Failing to optimize your omnichannel strategy for mobile can be a costly mistake. Your website, emails and other digital touchpoints must be mobile-friendly to provide a seamless experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Since omnichannel marketing relies on data to create personalized experiences, failing to integrate data from various channels and touchpoints can be a huge problem. Disparate data sources can lead to fragmented customer profiles and missed opportunities for personalization. Invest in robust data integration solutions to ensure a unified view of customer data. Continuous improvement is key in omnichannel marketing. Many businesses fail to regularly analyze data and conduct A/B testing to optimize their strategies further. Without ongoing assessment and testing, you may miss opportunities to refine your campaigns and achieve better results. While omnichannel marketing is excellent for acquiring new customers, it’s equally vital for customer retention and engagement. Some businesses concentrate solely on attracting new leads and overlook nurturing existing ones. A balanced strategy should cater to both acquisition and retention efforts to build lasting customer relationships. How To Optimize Your Omnichannel Marketing Efforts To get the most from your omnichannel marketing strategy, first identify your audience. Use the data you collect from your digital touchpoints to dial in on who’s buying your product or service and determine the best way to reach them. Next, fine-tune your message. Your branding, your values and your goal need to be clearly defined. Also, the way you present your brand across channels needs to be consistent, from the tone of your copy to the colors and font styles you use in your graphics. You must communicate your strategy to your entire marketing team. If they don’t understand it, they can’t consistently deliver what you need. Be sure you don’t ignore traditional ways of getting your message to consumers. Companies sometimes place all their focus on digital efforts, while overlooking tangible ones. Direct mail marketing has been around for centuries because it works. Especially these days, when consumers receive fewer physical pieces of mail, delivering your message to their mailbox will help you stand out. Integrating direct mail marketing into your omnichannel strategy is easy by adding a QR code that takes recipients to your website. And even if they don’t take that extra step, just glancing at that piece of mail reminds them who you are and what you sell. Omnichannel Marketing Gets Results Investing the time and resources needed to properly executive an omnichannel marketing strategy can help your business build stronger customer relationships, increase customer loyalty and improve overall customer satisfaction. When it’s done correctly, customers benefit from a more convenient and personalized shopping experience, leading to increased engagement and repeat business, potentially providing your business with a larger return on investment. If you’re interested in direct mail marketing, postcard marketing or digital marketing – please complete our Contact Form & we will be in touch within 24 business hours. Article by Forbes Technology Council Member and President/CEO/CTO of Our Town America, Michael Plummer Jr. Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.  Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the […]

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5 Marketing Ideas for Dentists: Navigating the Digital Landscape

5 Digital Marketing Ideas for Dentists Our Town America

Dentistry Today — As technological advancements continue to reshape the digital landscape, dental practices grapple with the need to distinguish themselves amidst a sea of online competitors. With more patients now relying on the internet to discover and vet dental professionals, a dynamic online marketing approach is essential. According to a survey of 500 dentistry professionals conducted by NexHealth, at least 80% of dental offices are using social media to promote their practices. They utilize online marketing to keep existing patients up to date on dental visits and attract new patients with online reviews and active social media accounts. Here are five marketing ideas for dentists to ensure their online marketing efforts convert potential patients into loyal ones: Integrate Direct Mail With Digital Marketing: Traditional marketing methods, like direct mail, still hold significant value. However, when combined with digital strategies, their impact multiplies. Our Town America’s approach integrates direct mail marketing with effective online channels to ensure consistent brand visibility. By supplementing mailings with digital ads, dental practices can increase conversions, serve ads to their target market, and retarget website visitors on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This multi-channel approach ensures that potential patients encounter your brand multiple times, increasing the likelihood they’ll choose your practice. Leverage Social Media: A staggering 72% of people access social media to interact, and at least 70% use Facebook daily, as reported by Pew Research. Ensure your ads reach potential patients on their favorite platforms before and during your mailing campaigns. By strategically placing ads on newsfeeds, you can significantly increase conversion rates. Social media isn’t just about ads. It’s also a platform to share patient testimonials, provide dental care tips, and showcase your practice’s culture, further establishing trust and rapport with potential patients. Implement Data Match Technology: Understanding your audience is crucial. Data match technology allows dental practices to receive a list of visitors to their website. This enables more effective campaign tracking and allows practices to retarget more of their website visitors, ensuring potential patients receive consistent messaging and reminders about the services you offer. Track ROI: To understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, it’s essential to track return on investment (ROI). Tracking tools, such as call tracking and QR codes, can help you gather information. They also provide insights into how patients are interacting with your ads and mailings, allowing you to gauge the success of your campaigns and adjust your strategies accordingly. Optimize for Local Search: Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for dental practices. When potential patients search for dental services, they often include local terms, such as “dentist near me” or “dental clinic in [city name].” To optimize your website and online listings, ensure your Google My Business listing is updated and encourage patient reviews. Be responsive to online reviews to ensure your reputation is top-notch. According to ReviewTrackers, customers do not trust businesses with less than four stars. It’s also essential to regularly update your website with content relevant to your local community, such as blog posts on local events your practice is involved in, dental health tips tailored to local events or seasons, or even highlighting patient success stories from the community. New Mover Marketing: Turning New Residents into Loyal Patients One of the most effective ways to grow your patient base is to target new residents in your area. New movers are actively seeking essential services, including dental care. By reaching out to new residents with a compelling message and offer, you can establish a relationship before they form loyalties with another practice. If opted-in by the client, Our Town America’s digital ads play an important role in new mover marketing. When new residents use the internet, they’ll continue to see your ads on other websites they visit, thanks to online follow-up. This repetition ensures that your practice stays top-of-mind, increasing the chances that they’ll choose you for their dental care needs. Dental practices must employ a multi-faceted approach to online marketing. By integrating traditional methods like direct mail with modern digital strategies, dental practices can ensure they reach potential patients at multiple touchpoints, increasing brand awareness and conversions. With the right tools and strategies, dental practices can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, turning potential patients into loyal ones. Source: Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Connecting Millennial Diners Using New Mover Marketing Strategies

Connecting with Millennial Diners Our Town America Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management — The Millennial generation is a force to be reckoned with, not only in the housing market but also in the dining industry. As Millennial homeownership surpasses Millennial renters for the first time, restaurants have a golden opportunity to engage this valuable demographic through targeted new mover marketing strategies. Millennials have been charting a new course for home ownership, with the number of Millennial homeowners reaching a staggering 18.2 million in 2022. This surge in homeownership came later in life for Millennials compared to previous generations, primarily due to rising home costs, high student loan debt, and stagnant wages. However, with these challenges gradually subsiding, Millennials are now embracing homeownership, providing a lucrative target audience for restaurants. The foodservice industry, set to generate $997 billion in sales in 2023, is fiercely competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, restaurant operators are strategically directing their focus towards Millennial diners. Millennials’ preference for convenience, experiences, and socializing has led them to eat out more frequently than previous generations. With an increasing number of Millennials spending more on dining out each year, it is evident that restaurants that successfully cater to this generation stand to gain a competitive edge. One of the key attributes of Millennials is their affinity for technology and online platforms. To connect with them effectively, restaurateurs must reach out to them in their digital habitats, where they spend a significant portion of their time. Whether it’s discovering and researching new restaurants, reading reviews, making reservations, or utilizing food delivery services and apps, restaurants must adopt a robust online marketing program. For busy restaurant operators, staying on top of an online marketing program can be challenging. This is where new mover marketing comes into play as an additional, hassle-free strategy to tap into the millennial diner market and cultivate a loyal customer base. New Mover Marketing offers several perks for restaurants seeking to engage with Millennial homeowners: High ROI: New movers are in need of various products and services as they settle into their new homes. By reaching out to new residents early, restaurants have a higher chance of converting them into customers. These recent movers are also more open to trying new eateries and establishing long-term relationships, which can significantly contribute to revenue growth. Less competition: New movers haven’t yet formed brand loyalties or relationships with local businesses, presenting restaurants with a unique opportunity to capture their attention before competitors do. With fewer establishments vying for their business, restaurants have a greater chance of standing out and gaining a foothold in the market. Building lasting relationships: Acquiring customers who have recently moved can lead to long-lasting relationships. By providing quality cuisine and exceptional customer service, restaurants can turn new movers into loyal patrons who continue to support the business for years to come, ultimately contributing to sustained business growth. Targeted audience: New mover marketing allows businesses to target a specific audience segment with precision. By focusing on individuals who have recently moved, restaurants can tailor their marketing messages and offers to address the unique needs and preferences of this audience. This targeted approach can lead to higher response rates and increased engagement. Community engagement: Targeting new movers provides restaurants with an opportunity to establish themselves as active participants in the local community. By engaging with new movers through personalized marketing efforts, restaurants can create a positive impression and build relationships within the community, thereby enhancing brand reputation and fostering a sense of trust. To take advantage of this marketing opportunity, restaurants can consider welcoming new movers with a free meal, a gesture that can fill dining rooms and bolster a loyal customer base among new Millennial residents. By embracing new mover marketing strategies and catering to the preferences of the Millennial generation, restaurants can forge lasting connections with this valuable demographic, ensuring their success in the ever-competitive foodservice industry. Source: Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Enhancing Marketing Effectiveness with Direct Mail & Digital Ads

Enhancing Marketing Effectiveness with Direct Mail and Digital Ads Our Town America on Patch.com

Patch.com (Columbia, SC) — In an ever-evolving world of marketing strategies, businesses are constantly seeking the most effective ways to reach their target audiences and leave a lasting impression. For Our Town America, a company known for its focus on direct mail, the decision to venture into the realm of digital services might seem counterintuitive at first glance. However, this strategic move has proven to be a game-changer, demonstrating the value of blending traditional and modern approaches for maximum impact. While Our Town America has deep roots in direct mail, the company recognized the need to adapt to the times. “We ultimately decided to venture into digital marketing due to evolving client needs and a changing business landscape,” said Jane McElhaney, Owner of Our Town America of Columbia. “Our Expansion into digital services has been a natural progression that aligns with our commitment to adapting and delivering value to customers.” It’s a move that’s proven successful for the company that’s been around since 1972. “As we diversified our offers to include digital marketing strategies, we’ve witnessed several key indicators or success: Increased reach and engagement, measurable analytics, enhanced targeting, optimization, complementary strategies, and positive client feedback,” said McElhaney. A shining example of the power of combining direct mail and digital strategies comes from a local grocery store chain. Seeking to boost their mobile app downloads, they leveraged Every Door Direct Mail Postcards in conjunction with a Digital Ad campaign targeting the same mail recipients. The recipients received an app offer in their mailboxes, followed by a direct link to the App Store in a digital follow-up. The result? An impressive nearly 50% increase in app downloads during the digital campaign. In a world where marketing strategies continue to evolve, the story of Our Town America’s journey into the digital realm serves as a testament to the power of adaptation. By seamlessly blending the strengths of direct mail and digital, they have not only met evolving client needs but also set an example for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Empowering Small Businesses with Direct Mail & Digital Ads

Empowering Small Business with Direct Mail & Digital Ads Our Town America

Patch.com (Grand Rapids, MI) — In the bustling landscape of small businesses, finding ways to stand out and connect with potential customers is a constant challenge. However, Our Town America has made this its goal for more than 50 years. The company has been a lifeline for small businesses, providing them with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in their local communities. With a focus on both direct mail and digital services, Our Town America has revolutionized the way small businesses approach marketing. Connecting Through New Mover Marketing One of the cornerstones of Our Town America’s success is their New Mover Marketing program. This innovative strategy involves connecting small businesses with new residents in the area each month. By doing so, businesses have the opportunity to jumpstart customer relationships even before new movers become acquainted with their competitors. “The early introduction sets the stage for brand loyalty, as newcomers seek trusted services in their neighborhood,” said Larry Neal, an Our Town America franchisee in Michigan. “Through personalized offers and niche, strategic targeting, businesses make a memorable impression.” The Evolution of Digital Services While Our Town America has been rooted in direct mail for over five decades, the company recognized the changing business landscape and the growing importance of digital marketing. As a result, they began integrating technology and digital add-ons into their New Mover Marketing program over a decade ago. The addition of mobile apps, social media tie-ins, QR codes, and campaign tracking proved to enhance the effectiveness of their clients’ direct mail campaigns. “Our aim was to offer a comprehensive solution that combines traditional and digital strategics for the most effective marketing possible,” said Neal. The transition to digital strategies has not been in vain. “We have witnessed several key indicators of success including increased reach and engagement, measurable analytics, enhanced targeting, optimization, complementary strategies, and positive feedback,” Neal said. The impact of Our Town America’s efforts extends far beyond immediate sales. Through their New Mover Marketing program, small businesses are given the opportunity to establish a dedicated customer base from the moment new residents arrive in the area. This foundation of trust and familiarity leads to lasting brand loyalty, ensuring long-term success. In a world where small businesses often struggle to find their voice, Our Town America emerges as a beacon of support. Through their innovative New Mover Marketing program and their seamless integration of digital services, they provide small businesses with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive in their local communities. As they continue to adapt and deliver value, Our Town America remains a driving force behind the success of small businesses across the nation.   Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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How To Maximize Email Marketing Impact

Supplement Email Marketing with Direct Mail

Forbes Technology Council —  Did you check your email today? Did you get through all the email marketing messages or leave some unread? How many opened emails have taken up residence in your inbox, waiting for further action? Going through your inbox can be overwhelming, so you most likely delete some messages without reading them. If you own a business and use email as one of your primary marketing tools, this fact is quite concerning. But it doesn’t mean you need to give up on it. According to Statista, in 2022, there were 4.3 billion email users worldwide. By 2025, that number is expected to grow to 4.6 billion, or more than half of the global population. This clearly illustrates the reach of email marketing, but you need to be deliberate in the way you use it and make sure your email efforts sync with the rest of your marketing strategy. Making The Most Of Your Email Campaign Email is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, especially when compared with television and print advertising. It’s also easy to use email campaigns to target specific segments of the market based on factors like age, location and interests. And email is a great way to drive potential customers to your website or social media sites. But there are a few things to keep in mind: Recipients are more likely to open your email if you have a catchy subject line—something that makes them curious about what you have to say. Keep it simple. Once the email is opened, follow up with something of value. Maybe it’s a worthwhile discount or a link to a blog that teaches something (and ties in your product or service). Be sure to write in a personal, conversational style and avoid using language that sounds like you’re selling something. Make sure your emails have a clear purpose and call-to-action in order to generate the desired results. If, despite all this, your email open rates are consistently low, your email marketing likely isn’t resonating with your customers. It may be time to try a different way of reaching them. Direct Mail: Another Tool In Your Marketing Toolbox Smaller businesses, or those trying to reach a very specific customer base, may find email is not as cost-effective as other marketing strategies, such as direct mail. The average person receives most of their bills and personal correspondence in their email, leaving plenty of room for your physical message to stand out. New Mover Marketing and Postcard Marketing, for example, can be effective for that reason. New Mover Direct Mail Marketing reaches a new audience each month, which helps to avoid wasted coverage. New movers are a niche market—yet a very large market with approximately 28 million people moving in the U.S. in 2021, according to Census data—and, for many services, they have yet to form business loyalties. This is your chance to get them to try your business before they try your competitors. In fact, according to respondents to an Association of National Advertisers survey, direct mail has an ROI of 112%, compared to an ROI of 93% for email. How Digital Marketing Ties It All Together Regardless of what kind of company you own, you’re likely to see your highest response rate if you supplement your direct mail campaign with a digital ad campaign. Direct mail can encourage recipients to explore a company’s website and social media. A consumer who receives a direct mail piece from a business may be more likely to choose that brand if they then see a Facebook ad, as the repeated messaging can reinforce the brand’s presence in their mind. Ultimately, however, the success of any multi-channel marketing campaign depends on keeping your message consistent. You need to know what your brand represents and who your customers are and make sure it’s clear in all your communications with consumers. As mentioned earlier, don’t abandon your email marketing efforts; instead, consider how to make them more effective. In this world of constant messages, combining them with direct mail and digital marketing can help your brand to stand out. Article by Forbes Technology Council Member and President/CEO/CTO of Our Town America, Michael Plummer Jr. Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.  Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Dominate Digital with Proven Algorithm Strategies

Dominate Digital with Proven Algorithm Strategies Our Town America

Forbes Technology Council — In the ever-evolving realm of digital landscapes, where Google and social media platforms dictate the rules, staying ahead of the algorithm game is crucial. The dynamic nature of algorithms makes it essential to crack the code and soar above the competition. Fortunately, there are proven strategies to make your mark and captivate your desired audience. Brace yourself as we unveil the secrets to combat these ever-changing algorithms and achieve unparalleled success. The Rise of Social Media: A Business Opportunity Social media platforms emerged as the epitome of connectivity, enabling individuals to forge new bonds and share their lives. Soon, businesses seized this opportunity, establishing their online presence and connecting directly with customers. Today, it’s nearly impossible to find a business without a social media footprint. In fact, a staggering 91.9% of U.S. companies with 100 or more employees harness the power of social media for marketing purposes. Navigating the Algorithmic Maze Google and social media giants employ algorithms to sift through the vast ocean of content, ensuring users find the most relevant and engaging experiences. These algorithms, however, are as diverse as the platforms themselves. Search engines factor in user input, search history, website content and quality of links to rank results. Social media algorithms, on the other hand, focus on user interests, past activity and post popularity to deliver personalized content. Cracking the Code: Strategies for Success To ensure your message reaches the widest possible audience, it’s crucial to understand and outmaneuver these ever-changing algorithms. Here are the keys to unlock the potential of your digital presence: Knowledge Is Power: Stay informed about algorithm updates through industry blogs, expert forums and official sources. Continuous learning keeps you one step ahead. Data-Driven Insights: Analyze your website traffic and social media engagement to uncover what resonates with your audience. Identify the platforms that best reach your target market and optimize your efforts accordingly. The Power of Quality: Algorithms increasingly prioritize content that provides genuine value to users. Invest in generating unique, well-written content that educates and inspires readers. This approach sets you apart and fosters social media visibility and engagement. Keywords and Hashtags: Strategically incorporate relevant keywords into your website to enhance visibility in search results. Utilize trending and industry-specific hashtags on social media to expand your content’s reach. Embrace Diversification: Relying solely on one marketing channel or a digital-centric approach is not enough. Embrace traditional methods like direct mail, as they can yield remarkable results. A well-crafted Postcard or New Mover offer delivered to an individual’s mailbox stands out, leaving a lasting impression. Flexibility for Triumph: Algorithms are known to change suddenly, and adaptability is key. Remain agile in adjusting your marketing strategy to align with the evolving digital landscape. Experiment with new tactics and channels while staying true to your brand identity and values. Embark On A Journey Of Success By implementing these battle-tested strategies, you unleash the full potential of algorithms in your favor. Dominate the digital landscape, captivate your target audience and drive unprecedented growth. Embrace the art of algorithm combat and become a true force to be reckoned with. Your triumph awaits! Article by Forbes Technology Council Member and President/CEO/CTO of Our Town America, Michael Plummer Jr. Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.  Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Unleash The Power Of Organic Marketing: Captivating Hearts & Minds

Organic Marketing by Our Town America

Forbes Technology Council — In a world bombarded by advertising messages, it’s become increasingly challenging to capture the attention of consumers. Traditional marketing tactics are often met with skepticism, causing businesses to seek innovative ways to engage their audience organically. Join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of unforgettable marketing, where authenticity and genuine connections reign supreme. Discover how to captivate hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impression that sets your brand apart in a sea of noise. Providing Genuine Value: Inspire, Educate And Empower Step away from the traditional sales pitch and focus on providing genuine value to your audience. Offer insightful content that resonates with their interests and needs. Become a trusted source of information, guiding them through their challenges and empowering them to make informed decisions. By putting their needs first, you establish credibility and build a loyal following that views your brand as a valuable resource. Entertaining Experiences: Spark Emotions And Forge Connections Imagine if your marketing efforts could evoke laughter, bring a tear to the eye or ignite a sense of wonder. By framing your messages within captivating stories, you can create memorable experiences that go beyond mere promotion. Touch the hearts of your audience, make them laugh or inspire them to take action. When marketing becomes an emotional journey, your brand becomes intertwined with their lives, ensuring a lasting connection. Authentic Conversations: Listen, Engage And Inspire Break down the walls between your brand and your customers by actively listening and engaging in meaningful conversations. Embrace social media, forums and comment sections as platforms for dialogue. Respond genuinely to their inquiries, concerns and feedback, showing that their voices matter. By fostering authentic interactions, you build trust and loyalty, transforming customers into brand advocates who will enthusiastically spread the word about your business. The Power Of User-Generated Content: Real Stories, Real Impact Harness the power of your customers’ voices by encouraging them to share their experiences through reviews, testimonials and social media posts. User-generated content adds a layer of authenticity and credibility to your marketing efforts. It demonstrates that real people have benefited from your products or services, creating a sense of trust and making your brand feel more relatable. Let their stories inspire and influence others, amplifying the organic reach of your marketing efforts. Transparency And Integrity: Honesty That Builds Trust In a world of exaggerated claims and empty promises, stand out by embracing transparency and integrity. Acknowledge that you are marketing your products or services, but do so in a way that highlights the genuine benefits for your customers. Avoid hyperbole and misleading tactics, as honesty fosters trust. Consumers appreciate brands that are open and authentic, making them more likely to engage and connect with your message. The Timeless Appeal Of Direct Mail: Cutting Through The Digital Noise While digital methods have their place, don’t overlook the power of traditional marketing methods like direct mail. In a world dominated by email and social media, receiving a physical piece of mail stands out. Personalize your direct mail campaigns to make recipients feel special and valued. Utilize creative designs and compelling copy to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Direct mail allows you to cut through the digital noise and create a tactile, memorable experience that engages your audience on a deeper level. In a world where traditional marketing approaches often fall flat, the key to success lies in organic engagement that captivates hearts and minds. By implying the tactics mentioned above, you can create a marketing strategy that is engaging, memorable and genuinely connects with your audience. Embrace the power of organic marketing and watch as your brand flourishes in the hearts and minds of consumers. Article by Forbes Technology Council Member and President/CEO/CTO of Our Town America, Michael Plummer Jr. Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.  Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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