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Tips to Fit in to Our Town: Sacramento Edition

ABC 10 SacramentoSince the pandemic, thousands of people have moved to the beautiful Sacramento area in search of a better life and a better cost of living. At first, some new movers have a tough time fitting in because they say and do things that rub locals the wrong way – real ‘NO NOs’ that make a bad impression on natives... or at least make them laugh.😆

For example, it’s not great to compare Sacramento to Southern California as there's a big rivalry between the two areas. Sacramento is better after-all, isn't it?😁  Another bad idea is to talk about how much “better the pizza was in New York!”

That’s why Our Town America, a national franchise focused on helping new movers connect with local businesses, has created ‘Sacramento’s ‘How to Fit in to Our Town’ list. This is a fun list to help new movers avoid putting their feet in their mouths for a friendlier transition to our beloved Sacramento area. David Frisch, owner of Our Town America Sacramento, sat down with ABC to discuss this fun list!

Whether you're in Sacramento or another US city, we would love for you to add to this fun list!  Please visit https://www.ourtownamerica.com/tips/ to submit your list for new movers.


‘Sacramento’s How to Fit In to Our Town’ Checklist

  • Learn how we pronounce the city. The “T” is silent. It’s Sacramenno!
  • We do not like Southern California. Yes. The rivalry is a thing. We don’t want to see you in a Dodgers hat or a Rams jersey. You may as well be in another state's gear altogether.😆 Learn to love Northern California traditions.
  • If someone tells you they are “Going to the city” they mean San Francisco. No, they aren’t going to New York. A trip to “the city” involves a trip to see downtown San Francisco.
  • Learn to love rivers! We have several great rivers to enjoy here -  a popular activity during the summer is floating down a river. It’s a great area to live if you love being outside.
  • We have seasons! Unlike some places in California, Sacramento actually has seasons. This is one of the few places in the state where you will see nice Fall foliage. You will be hot in the summer months and a bit chilly during winter. It’s ideal weather if you've moved here from the east and want a taste of home without the big snow storms.


Our Town America supports small businesses across the nation by welcoming new movers to town and bringing those new customers through your business doors.

Local Sacramento businesses looking to reach new or current customers can contact David Frisch at 916-474-1494 or submit a Contact Form.

Businesses located outside the Sacramentoarea can contact Our Town America corporate at 1-800-497-8360 ext. 226 to get connected with your local representative.

ABC 10 Tips to Fit in to Sacramento

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