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5 Marketing Ideas for Dentists: Navigating the Digital Landscape

5 Digital Marketing Ideas for Dentists Our Town America

Dentistry Today — As technological advancements continue to reshape the digital landscape, dental practices grapple with the need to distinguish themselves amidst a sea of online competitors. With more patients now relying on the internet to discover and vet dental professionals, a dynamic online marketing approach is essential. According to a survey of 500 dentistry […]

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Offer a Free Dental Cleaning to Attract New Movers

Offer a Free Cleaning to New Movers Our Town America Marketing

Dentistry Today Magazine — New movers can be a huge asset to dentists. Welcoming them to the neighborhood by offering a free cleaning as part of a new mover marketing program can help get them in the door and introduce them to your practice. Competing with the hefty marketing budgets of large dental chains can be […]

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Why Dentists Need a Marketing Plan

Why Dentists Need a Marketing Plan Our Town America

Marketing for dentists is best executed when a multigenerational approach is taken to appeal to the unique needs of people in the local community. Learn how dental practices can use new technology and techniques to retain patients and drive new business. Dentistry Trends Competing with the rising number of dental chains poses a challenge for […]

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