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How to Hone in on the Best New Mover Marketing Plan

Implementing a New Mover Marketing plan that converts new movers into loyal customers will allow you to build a loyal customer base and drive profits.

Opening a new business is an intimidating and time-consuming process. You have to ready your storefront, hire employees, and ensure your point-of-sale technology is running efficiently. In addition to all of the paperwork and tasks associated with opening, you have to overcome challenging odds. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals 20 percent of businesses fail after their first two years, and 45 percent close up shop after five years. Despite the numbers, entrepreneurs continue to pursue self-sufficiency. 

Build a Loyal Customer Base
As the opening date of your new business draws near, make sure you have a plan to help build loyal customers. 

Having a marketing plan in place that will help foster devoted customers is central to driving profits. One component of your plan needs to include a New Mover Marketing strategy. Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program puts your local business in front of new customers who are looking for you. Nearly 31 million Americans moved in 2019, which is approximately 10 percent of the United States population. New residents have not had a chance to form business loyalties in their new community. Targeting this high-value audience will increase redemption rates and get new customers through the doors of your new business.

How to Reach New Movers
Our Town America, the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise, has helped small businesses convert new residents to loyal customers for 49 years. We send an upscale Welcome Package with exclusive proven offers to new residents on a monthly basis to help you get new customers into your business. Here are four reasons to rely on Our Town America to attract new residents. 

  1. Mailing Lists that Convert. Each month, Our Town America obtains lists of every individual who has filed some sort of address change in the past 30 days. We filter out any duplicate names and addresses to create a direct mailing list with roughly 95 percent accuracy. Having an accurate mailing list will avoid wasted funds, ensure your business reaches new customers and increase response rates.
  2. Combine Latest Technology with Traditional Direct Mail. The average American worker spends five hours per day on email, according to an Adobe study. Overflowing email boxes and Zoom fatigue are prompting Americans to seek out experiences outside of their computer screen. The proven offers in our new mover Welcome Package provide a valuable tactile experience for new residents. Yet, Our Town America stays abreast of the latest technology to make sure you can maximize touchpoints. 
  3. Tracking Technology. Tracking results is important when it comes to monitoring the success of any marketing program. Our Town America offers our TruTrak® app that can be downloaded to your smartphone for accurate tracking. The mobile app allows your business to validate and scan redemptions at the point of sale or at your leisure. Our app allows you to track your return on investment, gather detailed demographic data of new customers and trigger your second mailing to those first-time customers.
  4. Combine Welcome Package and Second Mailing. Our Town America’s clients have the option to trigger a second mailing from the TruTrak® app when new customers redeem their new mover offer from their Welcome Package. The optional second mailing is a custom-designed, full-color postcard mailed to those that have redeemed your gift certificate. The second mailing thanks new movers for stopping by your business and simply invites them back or also provides a secondary offer to increase the chances of them becoming a lifelong loyal customer.

To learn more about how Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing plan can help your emerging business, visit ourtownamerica.com.

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