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Baby Boomers: A Lucrative Market

Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program is one of the most effective and efficient ways for your small business to attract new customers in the lucrative demographic known as the baby boomers.

As baby boomers retire, many are packing up their belongings and moving to new towns to be near their grandkids. At least 25 percent of this demographic plans to move near their children when they retire, according to a report from Meyers Research. Some of the top markets targeted by baby boomers are Texas, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The outbreak of the pandemic last year helped fuel the moving trend. The pandemic isolated the elderly and forced them to make tough decisions about their future. Many boomers made the decision to move closer to their grandchildren to help with remote schooling and childcare. Despite the end of the pandemic being near, many baby boomers plan to stay near their families, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Baby boomers are big spenders, and businesses that successfully corner this demographic flourish. Baby boomers range from 55 to 73 years old and peaked at a population of 78.8 million in 1999. They remained the largest living adult generation until 2019 when they were surpassed by millennials, according to Pew Research. Despite being outnumbered by millennials, baby boomers are still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to spending as they represent a 33 percent share of aggregate spending by 2025!

Essential Businesses for Baby Boomers on the Move

After locating the post office and closest grocery store, there are a number of businesses new residents need as soon as they get settled. When baby boomers relocate to new homes, here are five essential businesses they look for as soon as they settle in. 

  1. Home Services. After unpacking boxes and settling into their new residence, baby boomers will rely on various home service providers to help turn their new house into a home. In addition to installing an alarm system, they likely will need to secure a reliable handyman, home cleaning service, landscaper, pest control company and more. 
  2. Medical Needs. Arriving in a new city requires finding a new doctor, dentist, and pharmacy. While baby boomers are living longer than previous generations, they are also experiencing higher rates of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Baby boomers are health conscious and proactive in their medical care, according to the AMA Journal of Ethics. As a result, finding the right providers will be top of mind for baby boomers when they move to a new city.
  3. Personal Care and Fitness. Part of moving to a new community is finding a reliable hair and nail stylist, as well as a favorite clothing store. Baby boomers are active community members who are on the lookout for a fitness center that will help them stay in shape to keep up with their grandkids. Baby boomers were one of the first generations to embrace exercise. They flocked to group exercise classes to take after their generation’s fitness “influencer” (aka. #fitspo), Jane Fonda.  The Centers for Disease Control recommends people 65 and older get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week, as well as two days’ worth of muscle-strengthening activity. Fitness centers help baby boomers meet these fitness goals. 
  4. Pet Care. Pet ownership continues to be on the rise. Baby boomers spend $34.4 billion on their pets annually, according to Pet Food Processing magazine. Moving to a new town requires finding the right veterinarian, pet food supply store and kennel to provide the best care for their four-legged family members.
  5. Fun. Baby boomers will make socializing and seeing all their town has to offer a top priority. They want to spend time with their grandkids, but they also want to enjoy their retirement. It’s a great time for restaurants and local entertainment venues to turn these new residents into loyal customers. 

New Mover Marketing Attracts Boomers

It’s time to make New Mover Marketing a priority. Our Town America has spent the last 49 years helping small businesses connect with new residents by using up-to-date lists and proven offers to turn them into loyal customers. Our Town America sends new residents a Welcome Package that is personalized and well-designed shortly after they settle into their new home. It’s filled with category-exclusive offers to entice baby boomers to visit your local business. 

As an added bonus, tracking your return on investment is at your fingertips at all times when you’re partnered with Our Town America. Our TruTrak app also allows you to gather customer demographic information and trigger a second mailing to people who redeemed their first offer. 

Our Town American can help your business target baby boomers as they move to your community. For more information about New Mover Marketing, visit www.ourtownamerica.com.

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