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Our Town America's Pre-Covid New Mover Survey Winner Receives $3,000!

Right before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the nation, a Woodland, CA resident was informed that she won $3,000 for completing the New Mover Survey by Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing franchise. Every year, Our Town America awards just one new mover out of the millions mailed the previous year.

How is the winner selected? While roughly 5 million new movers are mailed a Welcome Package each year, Our Town America narrows it down by drawing a name out of the tens of thousands of new movers who complete the New Mover Survey.

In 2020, Shylia Perez was that lucky respondent. Perez was thrilled when she was notified in February that she would be taking home a $3,000 check as she had never won anything!  She was looking forward to celebrating her winnings and putting the money back into her local economy.

How does the winner receive the $3,000? This is the fun part, right? The local Our Town America owner schedules a meet up at one of their partnered local businesses that originally welcomed the new mover to the community. What better way to welcome someone than to introduce them to other community members AND award them with $3,000 to spend or save how they see fit.

Perez and David Frisch, Sacramento’s local Our Town America owner, had a plan to meet at Woodland’s own Country Waffles on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and California lockdowns were heavily enforced. So instead, Frisch mailed Perez her $3,000 check – after all, we know best how critical it is to check your mailbox! 🙂 They promised to meet once things calmed down a bit.

2019 New Mover Survey Winner Shylia Perez of Woodland, CA
Shylia Perez & family pictured with David Frisch of Our Town America of Sacramento

“It was so cool to win this! Lockdown in CA began soon after moving into our new home, so the $3,000 cash from Our Town America came at a critical time,” said Perez. “The unexpected housewarming package full of free offers for local businesses was generous enough, and then a few months later I won the drawing for simply sharing my feedback! I used the money to take a trip to Texas to visit and care for my Mom after she was in a terrible accident. I can’t thank Our Town America enough. The world needs more of this!”

Many months later, Shylia and family were finally able to meet Frisch in front of Country Waffles Restaurant – masked up and outside in fresh air!

Our Town America is happy to bring joy to new movers and local business owners – especially during this stressful time. Frisch is committed to his local community and wants both Woodland new movers and local business owners to know that he is here to help local businesses thrive through our multiple direct mail programs.

With a decrease of people exploring their local communities on a whim, this is an opportune time to try new mover marketing, as well as postcard marketing (Saturation or Targeted). These methods reach out to consumers without them having to leave their home, which is key – especially now. If community members are not roaming the streets, guide them to your business by reaching them where they feel most safe and comfortable – their home!

Housewarming traditions aren’t going anywhere. After 49 years, we are proof of how important it is for local business owners to reach out to new movers who appreciate a helping hand in their new community.

Moving is expensive. Local businesses need support. Our Town America is the solution.

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