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What Makes New Mover Marketing Different

As we previously covered, there are many ways to market and advertise your business. There aren't many methods which leave an impact as large as our new mover marketing program. What makes new mover marketing different from traditional approaches? The top 3 differences are:


get some fresh air and breathing room after an expensive move

1. New movers are prepared to spend: we give them some breathing room

It's no secret that moving can cost a small fortune. It's estimated that the average move can cost upwards of $9,000! According to an article on Hitwise, movers are "not only a high-spending segment, they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to finding useful services and developing new brand loyalties".

Why is that important? New mover marketing is different because we generally aren't asking the new movers to buy anything today. We invite them to your business with a one-time gift of a product or service. By offering a gift to the new mover today, not only will you see new faces into your business, you can be confident that you'll have a paying customer tomorrow. Our welcome package is literally a breath of fresh air to the new mover, especially after the family has most likely spent so much on their move already.


new mover marketing for essential services

2. Keeps the focus on essential categories and niche markets

There are a handful of businesses we consider essential categories: automotive repair, restaurants, salons and barber shops, grocery stores, etc. Almost everyone will eventually need these services. Niche markets also see a windfall from new mover marketing, such as bowling alleys, furniture stores, or family fun centers. By using our proven offers and putting emphasis on business categories that nearly everyone can use, our program creates a genuine and organic connection between your business and the new mover.

This strategy really makes your business stand out from your competition. Movers establish their loyalty to most essential business categories within a few months of moving. New movers are nobody's customer and our goal is to make them all yours.


create lasting relationships with new mover marketing

3. Designed to create lasting relationships

It's not enough that someone visits your business because they've received our welcome package. We invite them to try your business once - you'll invite them to come back again and again! We believe businesses can create some of their best customer relationships when a family is new to the area.

Families can establish over 70 new business relationships shortly after they move. We created our program to help relieve post-moving stress and create a long-term relationship with new customers in your area.

New mover marketing is a science; and targeting new movers looking to establish local business relationships is an important marketing strategy. We designed our program to put your business in front of people looking for you. For over 45 years, Our Town America's new mover marketing program has helped local businesses reach out to new movers with a sincere gift, offer amazing products and services to new movers in essential categories, and create genuine, lasting relationships between local businesses and new movers.

If you would like to know how we can help your business reach new movers, contact my team today!

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