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5 Ways New Mover Marketing Helps Pizza Restaurant Owners

To help rebuild his business after a COVID-induced slump in sales, pizzeria owner Steve Dapolita relied on new mover marketing to drive the location’s dinner menu. New mover marketing helped his business thrive, and these five tips can help your business get back in the black as well.

Bisonte Pizza Co. owner Steve Dapolita implemented new mover marketing to drum up business following the outbreak of the pandemic.

The pizzeria, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, was a popular lunchtime location for area workers. COVID safety measures shuttered office buildings near the restaurant, and his customers were forced to do business remotely, sending Dapolita's lunchtime sales on a downward trend. Bisonte Pizza Co. won first place in the third annual CBS Radio Pizza Wars and won "Best Wings," at the Charlotte Wingfest. The restaurant specializes in Buffalo, New York-style pizza, pasta, subs, salads and wings. Dapolita uses family heirloom recipes passed down through generations.

To help rebuild his business, Dapolita relied on new mover marketing to drive the location's dinner menu. The new marketing efforts helped increase traffic, and the location is now thriving. Sales in 2021 jumped more than 35% from the prior year. In addition to adding new mover marketing, Dapolita opted to use direct mail postcards offering a BOGO deal.

New mover marketing helps pizza restaurants add new customers before they form loyalties with competitors. And moving is on the rise recently. At least one out of 10 Americans moved in 2021, a study of more than 2,000 people by Zillow revealed.

As part of the new mover marketing program, new residents receive a welcome package filled with proven offers. Getting settled in a new home takes a lot of work, and a home-cooked meal is likely not in the cards during the first weeks in a new home. Receiving a proven offer to your pizza shop will bring your location top-of-mind when dinner time rolls around.

Here are five ways new mover marketing can help you increase foot traffic and add loyal customers at your pizza joint:

New movers open wallets

New movers are big spenders. Research suggests new movers spend more than $10,000 on furniture, appliances and home repairs during the first year in their new homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders. In addition to renovations, they are willing to spend money to turn their new houses into homes. While they are settling into their new communities, many new movers are willing to try new brands as they establish their routine. New mover marketing is designed to send them a proven offer shortly after their arrival. Capturing a new resident's attention quickly is key to making your pizza shop a regular pitstop.

Drive repeat business

While pizza sales soared in 2020, pizzerias had to work hard not to lose market share as the number of restaurants offering delivery climbed. Faced with initial success, competition from other fast-food chains and delivery businesses like Uber Eats caused sales to dip, U.S. News & World Report revealed. Once a new mover comes into your pizzeria to redeem your offer, providing customer service and a quality product will ensure their loyalty. Some new mover marketing companies take it a step further by sending a follow-up offer to thank them for their visit. The follow-up offer typically includes another proven offer to give them the incentive they need to stop by again.

Accurate mailing lists

One of the hallmarks of a successful new mover marketing program is accurate mailing lists. An outdated mailing list defeats your goal of reaching new residents. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 27.1 million people moved in 2021. As the surge in people relocating continues, making sure your new mover mailing lists are updated is vital. Find a company that gets lists of people who file an address change. Make sure the list is filtered to weed out duplicates and updated at least once a month.

High return on investment

Industry data indicates pizzerias and pizza restaurants often see high response rates from enlisting in a new mover marketing program. The average response rate for a Marco's Pizza location in Mansfield, Ohio, is 22%, and a Pisanello's Pizza in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, garnered an average response rate of 21%. Crowded email inboxes and an influx of online advertisements make a tangible offer that arrives in the mailbox stand out. While people can delete an email with one click and scroll past your ad on their newsfeed, they take note of high-quality, new mover marketing mailers.

Strong tracking tools

Developing an effective marketing strategy takes time. As you experiment with different options that will work for your business, it's important to track your return on investment. Updating your social media feed on a daily basis might not be essential if it's not generating sales. Pick a new mover marketing provider with high-tech tracking tools that makes it easy for you to scan redemptions and track results.

Current events and labor shortages make running a small business a challenge. Achieving self-sufficiency and being in charge of your future make it worth the effort. Having a marketing strategy that converts will help lighten the load and allow you to achieve financial freedom.

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