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Franchisor Michael Plummer Jr. Tells All

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biz-opp.biz (Nov. 2014) - For 43 years, Our Town America has been providing new movers with traditional hospitality by mailing warm gifts from neighborhood businesses in a premium gift package. And, thirteen years ago this Friday, when I wrote my first blog post on this website about a franchise, it was about Our Town America. That original post is now long gone, but Our Town America is still around. And this week, I finally got a chance to speak with the CEO Michael Plummer Jr.

Hi Michael, thanks for doing this interview. Glad we finally got the chance. So, where did the idea for Our Town America come from?

My father started the company in 1972. He discovered the power of welcoming new movers when he was running a pizza shop. He started with sending physical welcoming baskets as a one-time gift welcoming people to the neighborhood. He started to see new faces that would soon become loyal customers and bring in hundreds of dollars a year.

How did you bring it to life?

My father was the one who brought the company to life. Growing up, I helped where I could. In 2009, when my father passed away unexpectedly, I decided that carrying on his dream was the only choice there was. He did an incredible job running this establishment; I can only hope I do half as great a job as he did.

Where do you see Our Town America in five years?

Expanding with new relative offerings. Still remaining true to our special niche but expanding into other frontiers. Can’t say much more without spilling the beans.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently?

Not sure much of anything. After being in the industry as long as we have, our pitfalls, bumps, and bruises along the way were lessons learned that helped build us to whom we are today. While hiccups may not be pleasant, they are valuable learning experiences. Not to mention, what you do during the more difficult times really helps define who you are in getting through them.

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