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Greenville: a Destination City for New Movers

CBS | Greenville, SCExperts say the city of Greenville has become what is now known as a “Zoom Town.”

Remote workers from states such as New York and California are moving miles away to the city of Greenville in search of more affordable living while still keeping their high salaries.

A new mover marketing company that’s tracking this trend said they’ve gathered data for clients that shows that over 3,000 people have moved to the city so far this year.

“Rent is just so high in the bigger cities,” Mandy Cline, spokesperson for Our Town America, said, "Now that remote work is so accessible for people, they can keep these high paying jobs and come to a city like Greenville.”

Some residents are concerned about how this large influx of people with higher incomes will impact the local economy and housing costs in the area. The city of Greenville said regardless of the amount of zoom transplants moving to the city, leaders will stick to their mission outlined in the 2040 plan — providing more options for affordable housing.

“The council’s commitment remains the same,” Beth Brotherton, Director of Communications and Neighborhood Relations for The City of Greenville said, “We’re going to have affordable housing here. We’re going to have green space and we’re going to make sure there’s a way for people to get around and enjoy what already exists in these existing neighborhoods and what might develop as a result.”

Some experts say natives should see this as a positive change. This could lead to a housing boom in the city and outskirts of town and an increase in spending at small businesses.

Our Town America connects new movers with local businesses by way of new mover marketing year round. If you're a local Greenville business looking to reach new movers to invite them to your business, contact Amy Garner at ‭864-670-9332‬. If your business is located outside Greenville, SC, you can reach the Our Town America Corporate offices at 1-800-497-8360 to be connected with your local representative.


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