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Personalized Direct Mail Combined with Powerful Digital Marketing | WFLA

WFLA Tampa Bay  — Michael Avallone of Our Town America of Tampa Bay sat down with Farron Hipp to discuss the powerful impact digital marketing has when combined with the personalization of direct mail.

Our Town America has been helping businesses gain new, loyal customers for over 50 years. Their services include New Mover Marketing, Postcard Marketing and Our Town Digital. Campaign results have demonstrated that combining a direct mail campaign with digital marketing enhances the effectiveness of the campaigns. Typically, your digital ads will run before, during and after your direct mail campaign, but they can be ran alone as well. 

Our Town America is a turnkey, full-service program including graphic design, printing and mailing which are all managed in-house. Business owners even have the ability to track their campaigns through 2D barcodes, QR Codes, and/or Call Tracking.

The personalization of direct mail and the power of digital ads sets this combination apart from a simple digital ad campaign. As Avallone mentions in the below TV interview, wedding invitations are sent via U.S. mail to let the recipient know that they've been specially chosen to receive your invite. It allows them to touch and feel the message - leaving a lasting impact and unavoidable decision to follow through on the piece or quite literally throw it away. Direct mail marketing messages are no different; they are just now more powerful when supplemented by a digital ad.

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