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Market to New Movers this Summer to Gain Customers

If you want to tap into the new mover market this summer, it’s important to rely on an established new mover marketing program to get results.

The summer months are a busy time for movers. Nearly 60 percent of moves in the United States take place between May and August, according to MoveBuddha, an online resource for movers. Families take advantage of the school break to relocate and get settled in their new homes. Summer is traditionally a slower time at the office for many American workers, making it easy to devote time to a move, reported Allied Van Lines, one of the nation’s largest moving companies. The warm weather months also make relocating easier for many families concerned about travel delays owing to winter storms.

“Summer is one of the busiest times of year for moving and it’s essential for local businesses to be prepared to tap into the new mover market this year,” said Michael Plummer, president and chief executive of Our Town America, the nation’s leading new mover marketing franchise. “As your business scrambles to comply with new social distancing guidelines to protect customers and employees, opt to add a new mover marketing program with a long history of delivering results to help get your business back on track.”

As stay-at-home orders are lifted and states begin to reopen, people are moving forward with their plans to relocate this summer. The rising number of people who left their offices to work remotely this spring is also prompting many Americans to consider moving from large cities to smaller communities. A survey conducted by Harris Poll of 2,050 Americans reveals 39 percent of urban dwellers are considering moving to a less crowded area during this unprecedented time.

A recent survey conducted by Our Town America reveals new residents are ready to enjoy local businesses in their new towns this summer. More than 70 percent of new movers reported that they would be willing to try out new businesses in their new community.  As COVID-19 restrictions loosen, 49 percent of people will take advantage of takeout and curbside pickup options from local restaurants and 35 percent of new residents will enjoy a meal in a restaurant dining room. Social distancing gave people who need to move more time to get organized before packing up. After donating old clothes, furniture, and unused toys, they will need to tap into small businesses in their new communities to help make their house a home.

Tapping into the new mover market this summer can help your business recoup losses and rebuild a loyal customer base. An essential component of any new mover mailing list is a complete new mover marketing program. Companies who provide a new mover mailing list are a dime a dozen and, while the list itself provides an opportunity to target new residents, it puts the burden of developing a plan on you. A turnkey new mover program can help you succeed on a shoestring marketing budget. Our Town America has the tools your business needs to create a successful new mover marketing campaign.

“New movers are nobody's customers, so a strategic new mover marketing program can introduce people to your business before they’ve established loyalties to your competitors,” Plummer added.

Target Your Demographic. A turnkey new mover marketing program can finetune your message and target your specific customer demographic for you. No matter who your business caters to, Our Town America has the data experience and technology to help your business succeed.

Welcoming Customers with Attractive Offers. Our Town America greets new movers with a Welcome Package filled with proven offers and category exclusivity for partnered businesses. The package welcomes people to their new home and introduces them to local businesses. “One of the best avenues to get the word out about my business is Our Town. I’m the only pizza guy in there, and it’s a free product. If I give a free pizza, that costs me $2.75. If that customer ordered $20 every week, they’re spending $1,000 per year at my restaurant” said Ben Finley, multi-unit Marco’s Pizza franchise owner in Florida.

Technology Helps Get the Job Done. Innovative technology allows you to track results on your smartphone. Our Town America developed a digital system, known as TruTrak®, that records redemptions and automatically triggers a secondary, follow-up mailer – leaving a lasting impression. Additionally, SponsorWeb allows partnered businesses to check their activity, view realtime new mover feedback and customer demographics.   

Supportive Team Ensures Success. Having a support system is essential during this unprecedented time. Local businesses are busy complying with new operating guidelines, so partnering with the #1 Advertising Franchise in the country (https://franchisebusinessreview.com/franchise-reviews/our-town-america/) that has 49 years of experience can provide peace of mind. Our Town America can finetune your marketing/ advertising campaign while you concentrate on running your business.

To start gaining new, loyal customers, visit Our Town America today.

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