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Many Americans Would Consider Moving as Country Reopens

ABC News (June 2020) – Coronavirus shocked the United States, and for a lot of Americans, it made them rethink where they want to live. As the country starts to reopen in time for the busy summer moving season, David Frisch of Our Town America of Greater Sacramento states that residents who may have never considered moving before are considering moving due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

A recent 1,000-person survey commissioned by Our Town America, the nation’s leading New Mover Marketing franchise, reveals residents living in states hit heavily by Coronavirus would consider packing up and moving to areas not as affected by the virus – even though many have lived in their state for over 20 years, or some, their whole lives. It’s not only city-slickers who want to move suburbanites want to hit the road too. Over half of those polled live in the suburbs and more than 30% live in the city.Coronavirus Moving Survey Our Town America New Mover Marketing

People are concerned about their families, health, and finances. 35% of people polled say someone in their family lost work/their job. Parents ranked their children’s well-being as a top priority, some mention they would move to an area where their children can start school sooner.

Stay-at-home orders were enacted across the country to help stop the spread of Covid-19, and nearly 30% of those polled said that these orders were too severe and describe their neighborhoods during this phase as "Apocalyptic".

The desirable areas to move to? More than 1 in 4 people (28%) are eager to move to an area with a warmer climate. 53% of those folks say warm weather is better for their physical and mental health, while more than 1 in 6 believe the virus has less chance of spreading in warmer temperatures. Our Town America franchise owner, Frisch, states that people are moving within the state as well as to other states.

Though there is concern about the virus, 68% of those polled are ready for the country to open now. Frisch states that people are looking forward to getting back to ‘normal,’ people are excited to visit local businesses and, as mentioned, looking to move to new homes. With quarantine, many Americans have come to the realization if they're going to be stuck at home, they need more space, need a backyard, or maybe need that bigger kitchen or dining room as they're eating at home more often now - whether that be store-bought groceries to takeout food from a local restaurant. Frisch expects to see the economy strengthen in the coming months.

Both Our Town America of Greater Sacramento and the Our Town America franchise system as a whole want both consumers and business owners nationwide to know that we're here to support you during this time by offering various methods to relay business offerings to locals. Pandemic or not, it's a win-win when small business owners and local consumers ban together to strengthen the economy.

Click below to see the full ABC news clip ft. David Frisch.

ABC News ft. Our Town America New Mover Marketing Covid-10 Moving Survey Results




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