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'Tis the Season to Relocate

While summertime tends to slow things down in some places, new residents are heating up, and ready to spend money!   Here are 6 things to think about when welcoming new movers into your business:

  1. Your Reach Increases – In some markets, such as Phoenix, AZ we see increases of 20-50% of movers in the summer months.  The months with the highest moving numbers are usually June, July and August, but increases through October from those who fail to submit a change of address right away are not uncommon.
  2. You Reach a Higher Percentage of Families – People without children have more flexibility – they can move without considering the educational consequences to their children.  If you’re trying to reach families, summer is the optimum time to reach out as they typically move when the kids are out of school.
  3. New Residents Don't Have Habits... Yet – New summer residents are on a time schedule.  They only have so long to get into a routine before school starts and crazy life resumes.  They don't know where to go to get a haircut, or find an honest mechanic or even where to get a pizza that can feed the whole family and not break the bank.  Our Town America reaches these families when they have no buying habits or loyalties established, offering up an excellent opportunity to gain new, loyal customers.
  4. Summer Movers are Probably Longer Term Customers – Comparative to the single person that rents a place down the street, summer families are probably going to stay put for a while.  The average family resides in a house for at least 5 years.
  5. New Movers are Stressed Out – Moving is one of the most stressful times in life, ranking right after death and divorce and, many times, people are moving because of a death or divorce. Needless to say, moving can be VERY traumatic.  Welcoming them with a gift at this time turns on that Law of Reciprocity, and helps them settle in to their new community faster.
  6. New Movers Spend More – New movers spend more in 1 year than existing residents spend in 5!  The average spend for new movers in their first year is $9,000.

18% of people move every year which means you can do everything right, and still lose business.  People move no matter what!  Our Town America replaces your customers who are moving out with the families who are moving in.  Consider adding new movers to your marketing strategy to bring in a steady stream of new faces this summer!

For information on Our Town America's new mover program, we invite you to give us a call at 800-497-8360 or complete a Contact Form.

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