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Our Town America's Franchisee Success Series: Clint Finch, Houston TX

Clint Finch loves to travel with his wife, Michelle. Cruises are their go-to. “We do at least two cruises a year,” says Finch, of Houston, Texas. He says it’s one of the perks the family enjoys now that he is a successful owner and regional developer with Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing franchise. Michelle is getting ready to embark on a cruise to celebrate their youngest daughter’s high school graduation. “I won’t be joining them this time. It’s a ‘girls only’ trip,” Finch says.

Clint & Michelle Finch Our Town America Franchise Owner
Clint & Michelle Finch Our Town America Franchise Owner

It was the thought of spending more time with his daughters that propelled Finch’s transition from the corporate setting into the world of entrepreneurship. “I remember it clearly,” he says. “We were living in the Dallas area, and I remember taking my then eight and five-year-old daughters to vacation bible school. While I was simply dropping the girls off, other parents were staying to serve as volunteers. Between work-related travel obligations and other office commitments, I couldn’t join in the fun. That’s when I decided it was time to take control of my schedule.”

Before Our Town America came along, Finch was thriving as a corporate executive, spending two and a half decades in advertising and sales for publishing companies. It was advice from his first boss, who remains a mentor to this day, that Finch will always remember. “He told me ‘you never get rich working for someone else.’ I have always had a drive to do my own thing, manage my own time and finances.”

In 2005, with Michelle’s blessing, Finch acted on his intuition and branched out on his own. “I was considering another franchise system, along with a local business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” Finch says. He chose Our Town America, because of a previous interaction. “When I moved into my home from Houston to Dallas, I remember receiving a welcome package from Our Town America. I was new in the area, I had yet to establish any relationships with local businesses, and the welcoming package gave me that opportunity.”

With his business partner, Finch was ready to join the Our Town America family with a purchase in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Immediately, he felt at home. “First thing when I met the Plummer family, including Michael, Sr. and Michael, Jr., I knew these were people I could trust,” Finch recalls. “The industry was one with which I was familiar and comfortable.”

That wasn’t the case for his wife Michelle. First, a school teacher, and then a stay at hone Mom, to raise their two daughters, she wasn’t initiated in the world of sales. Finch says that didn’t slow her down one bit. “When I was at the corporate office in Tampa for training, Michelle called me to inform me she was going to set up sales appointments,” Finch recalls. “I was a little concerned. She had never experienced the rejection that can happen in sales, but I definitely underestimated her, because the very next day she scheduled three appointments for me the day I returned back home.”

Michelle was particularly instrumental with their success in the Dallas-Fort Worth area; specifically, when Clint took an assignment with a former employer back in Houston. Clint was pulling double-duty, operating as both a corporate executive as well as Our Town America owner, but he says it was his wife who was carrying the heavy load during that period.

Finch says it’s Our Town America’s brilliantly designed business model that helps owners become prosperous, no matter their previous sales experience. He credits the residual income that Our Town America produces, as well as the magnificent support from those on the corporate team, that makes operating the business efficient and

The Finch Family of Houston Our Town America
The Finch Family enjoying a Cruise

profitable. “I can’t imagine another company providing this amount of support. You can earn money on day one.” However, he cautions, the system requires one major sacrifice.

“You have to put in the hard work,” says Finch. “The opportunity for income, the opportunity to dictate your own schedule and lifestyle, it is there. However, you can’t have the mindset of ‘I own a business, so I am going to make money.’ No. you have to be ready to hustle.”

The pay-off has certainly been worth it for the Finch family. Clint and Michelle work together. “She handles the tough side of the business: the appointments, the operations. I simply talk to people, something I truly enjoy.”

Finch says the key to his success is not actually selling Our Town America to clients. “The key is to not think of it as how many people can I sell. The key is to show people how I can help grow their business. Our Town America has created the perfect product for new movers, business owners, as well as for us as franchisees.”

Being in Houston also doesn’t hurt, according to Finch.  "Our move rates are always good, and the people are extremely nice here,. We have a diverse base of businesses which is particularly good for us, because we can help them grow.”

Clint and Michelle Finch have grown together for more than three-plus decades, including 28 years of marriage. Working together at Our Town America has afforded them the opportunity for a better work-life balance together, but more time with their family.

There are hopes the Our Town America business stays in the family when it’s time for Clint and Michelle to retire. “That’s the ultimate goal, to keep it in the family. Everything I do and have done is for my family. Our Town America has provided a great living for my family.”

While he’s a little disappointed he won’t be with his family on this latest cruise, not all is lost. “While the cruise would be nothing short of awesome, I will spend some time on the golf course, so it all works out.”

Time he’ll get to enjoy, all because of his decision to join Our Town America.

Do you want to realize your own business ownership dreams, like Clint Finch? Does the Our Town America franchise opportunity sound like it could be for you? If so, learn more at https://www.ourtownamerica.com/franchise-us/.

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