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Stress-Busting Kits Help the Whole Family Transition After a Move

CBS Denver – Denver ranks among the nation’s fastest growing cities* and that means countless parents who just moved to Denver are scrambling and stressing as their children head off to brand new schools.   And according to a study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, these local parents have reason to worry, as kids who move to a new area are more likely to under-perform in school and develop behavioral problems.

That’s why local moving pros have created the Back to School Stress-Busting Kit” – an uplifting housewarming package full of surprises that help families explore fun activities in their new town; ultimately, making their kids feel more at home.

“We’ve surveyed parents and they say nothing stresses them out more than trying to make moving easier for their kids,” says Michael Plummer Jr., CEO of Our Town America, the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing company with local franchisee, Kurt North.  “Equipped with the ‘Back to School Stress-Busting Kit,’ parents will be able to help their kids embrace the idea of a new town, new school and new friends with fun and exciting social activities around town that won’t break the bank.”


The Our Town America Back to School Stress-Busting Kit

  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Include a Pokémon stuffed animal and Pokéball to fuel the Pokémon fever.   Head out on a Pokémon catching extravaganza around your town – joining forces with your kids to find all of the Pokéstops and Pokégyms in town.
  • New Room Takeover – Include wall stickers, a new toy and posters of favorite athletes and celebrities that will help your kids turn their room into their very own space.   Take them with you to the hardware store and other shops so they can influence what happens to their room.
  • Decorate with a Purpose – Include a framed “Welcome to Denver” photo to lead by example for your kids – show off your excitement about your new community and decorate your house with photos, furniture, etc. with local tie-ins
  • And Take Full Advantage of Our Town America’s Welcome Package – Include the dozens of gift certificates providing FREE/discounted offers that will allow you to…
    • Take your kids out for a family date night filled with a trip to a new movie they want to see and a pizza of their choice from the local pizzeria.
    • Put the boxes down and enjoy a “Sunday Funday” excursion to the local amusement park, bowling alley, or putt-putt place.
    • Sign your kids up for something new that will help them meet new friends – try out golf lessons, martial arts programs, and/or dance classes.
    • And let your kids score some brownie points by giving mom and dad the gift of free flowers and massages or discounted dinners to help you take some time to relax.

“At Our Town America, it’s our goal to restore housewarming traditions and make moving less stressful,” says Plummer.  “Our representatives work with local business owners to deliver personalized packages full of free offers as soon as new movers get to town.   This helps minimize the emotional and financial stress movers face by allowing them to try out restaurants and a wide variety of other businesses in their new community for free.   We hope our 'Back to School Stress-Busting Kit' will make moving more fun for local kids as they head to a new school!”

Watch full clip of Kurt North of Our Town America of Fort Collins on CBS below.

Please contact Our Town America if interested in more information.  If local to Colorado (Denver, Fort Collins, & more), please contact Kurt at 970-692-3859 or Knorth@ourtown.net.

Source: CBS Denver

* FORBES ranked Denver the #1 best place for businesses and careers and the 11th fastest growing city in 2016.   Additionally, Denver’s recent population growth ranked 7th among the nation’s largest metros in the new US Census Bureau report.   In 2015, Denver’s population grew 2.1 percent, well above the national average of 0.8 percent.
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