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Cash-Strapped After Hurricane Irma, Local Businesses including Jet’s Pizza Receive Surprise – ABC News

Our Town America Surprises Deserving Hurricane Irma victims ABC Action News (October 2017) – Hurricane Irma is expected to cost the US an estimated $172 billion worth of damage – including the devastating spoiled food product and revenue losses suffered by countless local restaurant owners in Florida. Power outages shut down restaurants all over town […]

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Why Send Targeted Postcard Mailings During the Holidays

Targeted Postcard Mailings Our Town America

Now is the time to develop a targeted postcard mailing plan for the upcoming holidays. The fourth quarter is vital – a make or break time that includes football season, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. What you do to ensure a strong showing during peak buying season is up to you, but targeted postcard mailings are sure to grab the attention of buyers. […]

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The How and Why of Direct Mail Personalization

Direct Mail Personalization Our Town America New Mover Marketing

So how does one personalize direct mail pieces? How far can one take it? Personalization includes details that attract customers within a cohort, such as common hobbies, beliefs, or lifestyle. The images one chooses on the envelope can be matched to the personal likes or interests of the recipient. If the target likes golfing, then a photo of golf clubs, a long fairway or houses near a green personalizes direct mail intended for that consumer. […]

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Top 4 Things That Help Build Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Marketing experts and business consultants who help companies win more market share always urge clients to build customer loyalty. Why does everyone keep harping on customer loyalty? It’s because loyal customers return repeatedly resulting in you making money. They spend more at your store because they trust your products and customer service. […]

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