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Our Town America Work Culture

5 Things You Should Do To Create a Fantastic Work Culture

Authority Magazine (October 2019) — I, Jason Malki, had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Plummer, Jr., the President and CEO of Our Town America. A U.S. Army veteran and Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), he has more than 20 years of experience working as a senior-level franchise executive and IT professional ...
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Restaurant Marketing Our Town America

How to Create Meaningful Offers that Spark Long-Term, Loyal Customer Relationships

Restaurant Owners - How To Create Offers & Loyal Customers Modern Restaurant Magazine (September 2019) — It’s a sad fact of being a restaurant owner: even if your food and service are excellent, and a first-time customer had a wonderful experience, it may still be a while before he or ...
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Dentistry New Mover Marketing

To Get New Dental Patients, It Helps to Go “Old School”

Dentistry Today (August 2019) — Like any business, if you want to grow your dental practice, you can’t rely only on your existing clientele. Certainly, there are some patients who likely keep you in business—the ones who (despite you and your staff’s entreaties) don’t brush or floss and then need ...
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Restaurant New Mover Marketing Our Town America

Why Leading Restaurants Commit to New Mover Marketing

QSR Magazine (July 2019) — New mover marketing is a fantastic way to reach those new residents and begin building a relationship. Sometimes, being well-known and well-liked can actually work against a restaurant. That may sound like a crazy statement, particularly since brand recognition is an important aspect to consider ...
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Modern Restaurant Magazine and Our Town America Eating Pizza

New Mover Marketing: The Critical Competitive Advantage Helping Restaurants Win Hearts and Minds

Restaurant Marketing to Millennials Modern Restaurant Management (July 2019) — We are creatures of habit. If you're a caffeine junkie, you probably go to the same coffeehouse every day, rather than trying new ones every other day or so. If you find a favorite toothpaste, you probably stick with it ...
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Millennials New to Houston Moving Based on Jobs and Pay

Millennials New to Houston Moving Based on Jobs and Pay

FOX 26 Houston (July 2019)Our Town America commissioned a survey of more than 650 Millennials to learn about their ideal city to live in and their main motivations behind moving. Some cities stood out amongst the rest - Houston, TX being one of them. Houston, as many will ...
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Millennials Move to Boise Idaho, Our Town America Survey

Boise, Idaho: A Millennial Dream City complete with Beautiful Scenery

Idaho Matters Podcast (June 2019) – According to a new national survey commissioned by Our Town America, the nation’s leading new mover marketing franchise, Millennials aren't quite as co-dependent as many once chalked them up to be. As it turns out, they're actually maturing into adulthood pretty nicely, and prioritizing ...
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Greenville South Carolina Top Desired City Our Town America

Millennials Moving to the Upstate, Greenville

WSPA Greenville (June 2019)Our Town America recently commissioned a survey of more than 650 Millennials to find out what their ideal city to live in is and what their motivations behind moving are. There were a few cities that stood out amongst the rest - Greenville, SC being ...
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