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Tips to Fit In to Our Town: Sacramento Edition

Tips to Fit in to Our Town: Sacramento Edition

ABC 10 Sacramento — Since the pandemic, thousands of people have moved to the beautiful Sacramento area in search of a better life and a better cost of living. At first, some new movers have a tough time fitting in because they say and do things that rub locals the ...
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Turn New Movers into New Patients with Our Town America via Dentistry Today

3 Ways To Turn New Movers Into New Patients

Dentistry Today — With the Fall season upon us and back-to-school routines commencing, new movers are settling into their homes and forming habits in their new communities. This is an ideal time for dental offices to reach out to impressionable residents with a new patient offering. Nearly 40 million people move each ...
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Storytelling in Business Marketing Our Town America

How Great Storytelling Makes Your Business Stand Out

Forbes Technology Council — If you are searching for the best way to build brand loyalty and separate your business from the flock of competitors, it’s time to reconsider how you tell your company’s story. Humans have learned through storytelling since the beginning of time. It’s knitted into the fabric ...
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Restaurants Capitalize on New Movers

How Restaurants Can Capitalize on New Movers to Find Loyal Customers

Modern Restaurant Management — Tap into the lucrative new mover market to build loyal customers and increase profits at your restaurant. Summertime is a busy season for the moving industry. Nearly 40 million people move each year, and more than half of them opt to move during the months of ...
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Direct Mail in a Digital World - It Still Works

Why Direct Mail Still Works In A Digital World

Forbes — As businesses adapt to consumer shopping habits in the post-pandemic world, it's important to evolve your direct mail marketing strategy to stay relevant and ensure your direct mail list converts. Last year saw the rise of teleconferencing, remote working, binge-watching and grocery delivery across the globe. Even before ...
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Dentistry Today Our Town America New Mover Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing Helps Dental Clinics Maintain Customer Relationships

Dentistry Today — As dentistry offices slowly reopened their doors after closing during the initial days of the pandemic, many relied on direct mail marketing to help recoup losses and maintain customer relationships. The outbreak of COVID-19 sent a shockwave through the healthcare industry. While hospitals were grappling with sick ...
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New Movers in Southeast Wisconsin Our Town America New Mover Marketing

2021 has brought over 10,000 New Movers to Southeast Wisconsin

CBS 58 Milwaukee — Since January 2021, Southeast Wisconsin has welcomed more than 10,000 new movers to the area, with many of them taking advantage of permanent remote work within the city. Milwaukee is even being called a "Zoom Town" as people move from big cities with plans to keep their ...
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Data-driven Marketing Company, Our Town America, Celebrates 49th Year in Business

Data-driven Marketing Company, Our Town America, Celebrates 49th Year in Business

Franchising.com — Our Town America is celebrating its 49th year of helping local businesses create and maintain relationships with customers who are new to the area. Since 1972, Our Town America has been welcoming new movers with one-time gifts, inviting them to sample neighborhood businesses upon move in. This unique ...
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