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Direct Mail Marketing Postcards

Direct Mail Marketing Options: Saturation Postcards, Targeted Postcards, New Mover Marketing

Choosing the best platform to make the most of a tight marketing budget during uncertain times can be daunting for small business owners. Despite the increasing dependence on social media, one-click purchasing and online recommendations, direct mail marketing remains one ...
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Traditional Direct Mail vs. New Mover Marketing

Which type of Direct Mail Campaign is right for my Business?

New Mover Direct Mail Marketing offers small businesses a cost-effective option for expanding their customer base and, in many cases, generates better response rates than blanketing your community with direct mail ads. So, why is that? Customers tout customer service ...
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Trackable Marketing via Direct Mail Barcode

Trackable Marketing via Direct Mail Barcode

Our Town America employs innovative technology designed to appeal to partnered businesses, new movers and franchisees to track advertising sales, drive business and ensure customer satisfaction. The nation’s leading New Mover Marketing company helps businesses attract new residents with an ...
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Marketing Strategy Complete with Proven Offers will Attract Customers

Marketing Strategy Complete with Proven Offers will Attract Customers

Our Town America, the premier new mover marketing program, relies on a one-time housewarming gift filled with proven offers to help local businesses garner loyal customers and achieve sales success. Sports teams have a knack for sparking fierce brand loyalty ...
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Work From Home Low Cost Franchise Our Town America

Why a Home-based, Low Cost Franchise is Ideal

Americans are re-evaluating their careers as they navigate social distancing guidelines, telework and remote learning, prompting many to turn to franchising as a solution that provides flexibility and high earnings potential. Whether you were already considering franchising or just trying ...
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Gift Certificates Open the Door to New Customers Our Town America

Gift Certificates Open the Door to New Customers

To help draw new customers through your doors, consider offering gift certificates, rather than coupons, to attract new residents. Every business owner understands the value of doling out coupons. The discounts encourage new customers to visit your establishment, introduce new ...
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New Mover Market New Mover Mailing List

Tapping into the New Mover Market

Help your business recoup losses incurred this spring by marketing to new movers with Our Town America, the nation’s leading new mover marketing company. Local businesses took a hit following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. As you ...
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Market to new movers this summer and gain new cusotmers

New Mover Marketing Program is Key to Drive Summer Traffic

If you want to tap into the new mover market this summer, it’s important to rely on an established new mover marketing program to get results. The summer months are a busy time for movers. Nearly 60 percent of moves ...
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Survey People Moving Coronavirus

Survey Says: Will People Move Homes During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

May’s National Moving Month kicks off the start of the summer moving season. The weather is starting to warm up and it’s a great time to make the transition to a new location. While the unfortunate Coronavirus pandemic has no ...
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New Mover Welcome Package

New Mover Welcome Package Offers Benefits for Local Businesses and New Residents

Our Town America’s New Mover Welcome Package is a great opportunity for businesses to help reduce stress facing new residents who are busy unpacking boxes, starting new jobs, and navigating their way around an unfamiliar neighborhood. Moving ranks up with ...
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