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7 Reasons to Shop Small by Our Town America

7 Reasons to Shop Small Year-Round

Shop Small to find unique things, while supporting your local economy In the 1920s and 1930s, cities and towns from the Appalachians to the Pacific Northwest had a busy shopping district, with independently owned businesses like shoes stores, clothing stores, ...
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Direct Mail EDDM Our Town America

Franchisee Success Series: Luke Wood – Birmingham, AL

Luke Wood Uses Every Door Direct Mail to Spark Rapid Success as Our Town America's Birmingham, AL-Based Franchise Owner There are certain signs in our life that prompt us to act and chart a new path. Luke Wood’s path to ...
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Our Town America’s Franchisee Success Series: Sally Hanson, Raleigh, NC

After Thriving in Raleigh, NC, Franchisee Sally Hanson is Expanding to Fort Myers/Naples, FL The calming sounds of waves crashing on the shores. That distinctive feeling of sand running through the toes. The postcard perfect sunsets 365 days a year ...
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David Cox Our Town America Franchisee Success

Our Town America’s Franchisee Success Series: David Cox, Phoenix, AZ

David Cox is thriving in the Valley of the Sun as the proud owner of a pair of Our Town America franchise locations. He opened his first location with Our Town America, the nation’s fastest growing new mover marketing franchise, ...
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Direct Mail Personalization Our Town America New Mover Marketing

The How and Why of Direct Mail Personalization

Why does the industry insist on personalizing your direct mail pieces? Here are just 3 reasons: It grabs prospective customers’ attention, as it makes them feel special. Better targeting: You target the message to the right person. Better response: Because ...
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Customer Loyalty Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Top 4 Things That Help Build Customer Loyalty

Marketing experts and business consultants who help companies win more market share always urge clients to build customer loyalty. Why does everyone keep harping on customer loyalty? It’s because loyal customers return repeatedly resulting in you making money. They spend ...
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Marketing Budget Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Maximizing Your Marketing Budget

Your marketing is underway whether you have a plan or not. That sign above your store? That’s marketing. How you treat customers? That’s marketing. What your customers tell their friends? That’s marketing. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a formal ...
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